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Unsworn Live!!!

We are coming together July 25th, 2015 to help Donna Gradisar! She has been fighting cancer and needs our help to pay for the "stuff" that comes with her battle! We have one hell of a lineup for you... Noon to 1.... Lori Garlinghouse 1 to 2..... Ragetones 2 to 3...... Shanon Sinclair 3 to 4.... Seven DaysLost 4 to 5.... Ron Regalado 5 to 6... Egnitus featuring Duane Vigil 6 to 7..... Christopher Harrington 7 to 8.... Odilon Pedrazza 8 to 10... MoonStone 10 to 12... Unsworn

UNSWORN Live!!! in Westcliffe, CO

UNSWORN will be at "The Dome" in Westcliffe, CO with "Baptized in Sin!" November 15th!!! For tickets call 719 252-9643 or 719 947-5639 tickets are $5

Tickets are available now!!!

We have received the first run of tickets!!! Please get in touch with me as soon as possible and I will get your tickets to you!!! 719 252-9643 719 947-5639

UNSWORN Live!!! with "The Ideal Citizens"

We found out last night, the third band picked for the show, "The Ideal Citizens." Those of you who have been around for a while know the history behind myself and "The Citizens!" These are some really great friends of ours from a very long time ago and I'm really excited that they got picked for the spot! This will be the first time we share a stage in 7 years! If you haven't heard "the Ideal Citizens," you are in for a treat!

UNSWORN and Stolen Format!!!

UNSWORN would like to welcome "Stolen Format" to the line up! This is one of my personal favorites from the southern colorado music scene and I am very honored for them to jump on board to help such a great organization!

Bands Wanted!!!

Unsworn Productions is looking for bands of all genres! Please send us your demos! if you don't have a professional demo, we still want to hear from you!!! cd/mp3, youtube, phone recordings, etc... if you don't have a band, send us your friend's band!!! We are trying to find the best local talent we can get for upcoming shows and festivals!


It's been a while since we updated our website! Check out the new photo gallery!

We're BACK!

After a short break/vacation from playing, unsworn is back at it!


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