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Rules In Music Composition

Ever since I was a wee lad, I was taught that certain chord progressions and time signatures were forbidden in musical composition. Anytime someone tells me not to do something I’m always suspicious. Classes in Berklee only confirmed this. But all throughout my childhood I listened to and idolized music that had little regard for these musical rules. Though these artists were not “taboo” for the sake of it, they seemed to include a lot of these broken rules in their music.

I guess this concept of rules in musical composition was for people who like to make lots of money writing music. After all, most of the artists who make millions of bank in music these days have stayed away from those “taboo” musical sounds.

Every single half-assed music producer in America is always rushing to where lightening just struck. They copy the last 5 hit’s musical ideas (in small ways, barely enough not to infringe on copyrights) in order to make their own “hit.”

My conclusion is that popular music will never be pure or from the hearts of the artists as long as the monetary system exists with it. It will always be watered down in order to be bought and sold.