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Hey Whatsup! I have a few things to say to my friends on the music industry. Music right now is going thru some changes. You gotta come different and be presenting something unique to the table or you wont even get looked at. As you can see there hardly is any female presence its slowly becoming a category with hardly any. So support is the most important from everyone. I am making a movement not only for me but for all females in the industry that are trying to make it out there. Without support from both female and male it will be impossible to make the movement happen. I am working hard night and day making moves and music so that there can be a quality artist to represent females. Not all of us are ghetto, have no education, and have no goals or isn't a hustler. Ask anyone around in Miami, ATL, and NJ that knows me and they will tell you im a hustler true to heart. Im not a showoff person either and I try to help people when I can. My music for the world will be about empowerment, having fun, making money, and also letting men know what women want and who we really are. I have started a movement of females in miami called Cliche Clique. So when i mention Cliche Clique you will know thats My movement coming thru. (www.clicheclique.com.) If you support what I do then spread the word. Put a widget on your page I have tons of stuff to post. Post bulletins, tell people they need to listen to Keisha Kash, add her as friend and support the movement. Why is it that all the men jump on one track and females cant get it together and make some money and music? Females to busy HATING, and not about their paper. Im a Tru paper Chaser and im out here to win. Join my street team and lets get this Kash. Thats all for now...:-) Stay tuned.....

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Echelon Buck  (about 6 years ago)

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