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Kelly's Olympian hosted a RAGER for claire's birthday...Monica Nelson and Don Schreiber and Isolated Cases destroyed the place..and then Pink Slip followed up for a 3-some of heavy punk. It was a gigantic love fest with mosh pits on the floor, crotch studs and eardrum shattering rock devastation. We thank everyone who made such an evening possible!!

This Is Your Big Debut

We're getting MIGHTY EXCITED for theGoodSons CD Release Show, March 30, at Slabtown!! New PS material will be unveiled, as well as some old crowd-pleasing oldies. We will leave the banjos at home for the time being and rely upon PGE instead for the usual sound effects. Andre will PREMIERE as the band's time keeper!Kim and claire will fill in the blanks. This is your chance to experience our grand attempts to blow out 2 subwoofers simultaneously. 21+. Love, PS


Sure, we could go in some cosmic, improvisational jazz direction, but we'd rather rely upon 4.5 chords and some truth, assisted by beer and friendly decibel elves. So far our goal of refuting the untruths of popular music seems totally obtainable, and no horn section has sat in as of yet. The therapeutic effects of cochlea destroying have yet to be fully explored, but we are living examples of the sanity caused by volume at 11. February depression can be cured! Turn that shit UP!!

Romper Room

After recording vocals in a very outfitted closet, Pink Slip is busting down the doors with a new album. Title is yet to be determined, but the record will have an extensive variety of tunes and benefit from the tunnel vision of three minds on a bender. Loudness will be only one aspect of the record, as tone and frequency guest appearance, as well as drums, bass and guitar. Themes of the record include vocal processors, true false love and pictographs. If you have some better ideas, please send them in.

Lounge Gizzard
Lounge Gizzard  (over 5 years ago)

true-false love ?
Do I need a number 2 pencil ?How to get album ?


Here we are after another long night of recording at Cloud City Studio..we are working on Pink Slip's second record, which promises to be even more AWESOME than the first!! We are not working as Salvation Army bell-ringers, nor participating in brutal human sacrifice for the upcoming holiday season. We're frying up 11 hits of punk rock beauty. Hope you can keep up!! Love always, P.S.....forever.

And now...Stickers??

Every day brings changes, good or great. Pink Slip have moved rehearsal spaces yet again, longing for the high ceilings and inspirational wall hangings of their old digs. And so, we once again share the building with the amazingly loud and good surf band who play with the windows open. And we do intend to entertain passers-by as well, with many new songs we are tightening up about repressed violence and love. Pink Slip is slowly working towards going back into the studio to make record #2. This will happen sooner rather than later, but in the meantime we have ordered more copies of "Bullet", our debut CD. And rad new silver/black stickers that feature a cassette tape logo. We welcome music in all its forms. And stickers, which will be appearing on a restroom wall, or show, very near you.

We are feeling especially evil today.

OK maybe not. But the behemoth that is Pink Slip continues to soldier on, impervious to all that is holy and upstanding in this world. New songs are coming to fruition and devil-worshipping fans are enthralled by the captivating sounds coming from that room. So much so that they have become our interns, and they bring us water and victuals to fortify the machine. And what will be the final outcome? Will the New Depression destroy what is left of rock as we know it? Or will we?

With our own digs, even louder.

Now we have secured our own rehearsal space, and Pink Slip is destroying eardrums 24/7. With 2 sets worth of material, Pink Slip has been assailing eardrums throughout the Portland area and is looking forward to doing more of the same. The paint hasn't peeled off the walls completely, but the sonic experimentation is continuing to tax mind and body. We have incorporated yoga and assorted vices to battle back quite successfully. In addition, the proximity to the river adds a natural, positive element to the songwriting process. So much native beauty.


We've been blowing off doors in our rehearsal space and disturbing the neighbors so much that we're moving to our own digs. After installing intricate lighting effects and a punk rock disco atmosphere, including a mini-fridge, more sonic experimentation will continue. We are solidifying new material and incorporating feedback into our set...employing no vocal coaching or trickery whatsoever. Estevan, our touring vehicle, has been put on temporary low-mileage hiatus until a trip to Seattle that is in the works. Right now, however, we are concentrating on a dynamic, full-fledged punk rock power trio sound. With approval from our neighbors, of course...