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Let's Try This People

So lately I been thinking, what is a BLOG? Well after looking it up I found the use of them and why people use them, etc. So let's do this, I want to get to know the people who check my page out, not even on a regular basis cause I know I have no die hard fans at this level, lol but I just want to see how many people I can get to answer a few questions about themselves and such so I know what they look for in artists or musicians. I'll possibly make a video blog doing this same thing, asking the same questions, only in hopes to get more responses and such.

So to anyone who does check out my blog here, what do you look for in a rap artist? I mean like, what kind of music do you typically go for on a site like this (ex. uplifting, hardcore, old school, club bangers, etc.). I know that most people at my age are into the rap that artists like 2 Chains, or Rick Ross makes, you know that big banging 808 blast shit lol. I'm not saying I'm going to change how I produce music based on these answers, but I just want to know what y'all tend to think about Hip Hop or Rap on Reverbnation. Also another question along these lines are, what image do respect in a local Hip Hop artist such as myself? Do you like the rugged badass wearing 5000 gold chains on his/her neck, with the pants hanging at the knees, or do you like the scholar looking dude with a button up shirt and khaki pants wearing some doc martins half laced up? haha Again I'm not going to project these images based on your answers, cause I am who I am and nothing can change that. Me personally I'm a fan of the classy, sophisticated drive look in a rapper. Someone like Drake fashion mixed with the musical styles of Nas. I've always been a fan of Boom Bap music produced by DJ Premier, 9th Wonder or Jazzy Jeff.

So yea, two simple questions to answer. You can join my mailing list and email me directly with answers or you can message me here on Reverbnation or even comment the answers on my page. You can add me on Facebook or Follow on Twitter @SpectrumDFS7 and tweet your answers. Like I said it's just a way for me to get to know some of you guys and girls and see what y'all want out of your artists in local areas. Hit me up anytime, peace!