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Music takes hostages!

Once music infiltrates your soul your are captive! There's no turning back.You're working on a new song and there's no way to get those lyrics, riffs,chords etc...off your mind.Sleep is a fleeting gesture of relaxation while your subconscious runs over your set list and rehearses your songs. I recently posted a deep blues song called "Bad Dream Blues" I wrote it during a stormy night in Austin Tx. when I listen to it now I realize that it was a stream of consciousness moment when I improvised the lyric and changed dramatically what I had intended to sing.I guess I was lucky because it captures the scary moment to perfection " I couldn't of done it better if I had rehearsed for a lifetime" Anyway as a fellow musician, "enjoy the thrills of live performance and the satisfaction of writing and recording your muse" It's not so bad being a hostage of music cause you're in it for life...Wd

Who is Timothy Curry? ---Tim Curry trio---

He's the amazing singer last seen belting the blues on stage with Billy Gibbons "ZZ Top" and Ray Benson at the Long Center in Austin! Mr. Curry has recently sang The National Anthem at A UT game and continues to inspire fans with his uplifting messages of Love and over coming life's obstacles with grace and kindness... THIS MAN IS A STAR!!!!!

Will Dunlap Music
Will Dunlap Music  (over 4 years ago)

Timothy Curry and Will Dunlap have a new project in the can featuring 13 new original songs and killer session players and singers like:Brieanna Grace,Dr. James Polk,Brannen Temple and more....Along with the producer Tim CurryII this cd and the acompaning video's should open up alot of doors for the singer and his inspirational soulful songs! Stay tuned Texas and the World!