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‘Exquisite Memory (Kiss Me Before I Go)'

The latest instrumental based on the memory of my mother...(check out the lyrics tab)

‘Faith, Hope and Love'

FAITH, Let me not lack your source of nutrition! Grow kingdom of God however you dare, through me! HOPE, Die not in me…poor as a deluder! Grant heaven in part, whatever its form shall be!

LOVE, Let me not have you like an offender! In greatness you’re true, whoever then caught is free!! ………………………

Laurence A Kerr, ‘Faith, Hope and Love’, 2012


Just released - video set to ‘Raising Lazarus’ instrumental

Heavens music

I want to hear the voice of God and the music of heaven in my head.....there is no higher sound


Let all that is within me cry holy...

‘Living Waters'

It’s always my dream that, ‘Living Waters’ will be associated with the simplest as well as the most intricate compositions.

‘Dreams In Motion'

The newest composition is energetic, beginning with discord and ending with fluid harmony.

Eagle Fly High

The eagle climbs to heights where the harassing smaller birds can no longer reach.........

‘Climbing Blind (Lhakpa Ri)’

Check out ‘Climbing Blind (Lhakpa Ri)’ which is my tribute to 6 blind Tibetan Teenagers and their guides who ascended the 23000 ft 'Lhakpa Ri’ (in the Himalayas) in 2004 and have achieved much more...

Whispers Above the Wind

When you find yourself in a ‘storm” listen out for the quiet *whispers* above the howling wind...