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I was in the most amazing party!

A gathering of epic proportions.

Yet I managed to spill liquor on everyone and throw up on the birthday girl. And then I broke 4 bottles of McCallin 25. And I bumped the DJs booth so hard a few plugs came out. The party went silent for about 4 awkward minutes. And so I made an elegantly exquisite toast, proclaiming how awesome the party was. Everyone cheered. That is, until I then proceeded to pee on the floor. I got thrown out very swiftly.

After realizing my drunken follies and fuck ups. I begged the bouncer let me back. And he did. And what did I do to show my appreciation? Well naturally I did the exact same horrible things. My gratuitous binge drinking, glass breaking, party crashing became almost habitual.This went on for about a week or so, until finally, I was banned from the party.

Laying drunk on the sidewalk, I stared at the sky. I tightened my belt to keep from falling off of the earth. I fell unconscious. I began to dream of the people in the party. The faces of those who were so utterly affected by my selfishness. I ruined birthdays, promotions, engagements. I robbed people of laughter. Worst of all, I made people skeptical of that fantastic place, clouding their minds with thoughts of a crazy man who ruins everything.

When I awoke, three months had past. I was as unkempt as a vagrant, yet my soul was shaven clean. I had a vivid catharsis. I washed my spirit. I have been trying to get back into the building ever since. But the party doesn’t want the memory of me. I’m left outside, longing for a return.

Your mind is the bouncer to your heart, and I’m afraid that I’ll never hear our favorite song playing inside your soul. Instead, i’ll hear Only muffled baselines through cracked walls. Wounds to brick which I inflicted.

You were the best event of all time. And now, All I can do I observe the waiting line.

I want to be the life of the party. I will pay any entrance fee.

I Just want to be the life of the party.