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1000 Screaming Kamikaze's Double LP

We know its taking forever to finish this album so we've decided to shoot ourselves in the foot and extend to a double LP. Yea we're that f$*ked in the head.

Featuring: RA the Rugged Man, Slaine, Master Fuol, Pkon, Big Kruch, Jaysaun, LMNO, Oak Lone Tree, Nabo Rawk, EDO G, Casual, Kint Tee, Motion Man, A.V.I.U.S

Production by: Einstein, Mighty Mi, Samplecentric, Kut Master Kurt, Cheapshot, Eloqwent, Illnaughty, Remode, ES9, Discreet Merchants, Egadz, Dysposable Heroes, Prevent, DJ Shag, Efechto