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FT Update 9-24-13

Dudes, Dudets, Fans, Family, Friends, and recent sexual encounters,

  I promised an update and here it is! Sorry it took me til 10 to post something, but I wanted to make sure it's as delicious as ever. As some of you may know, Drew Barker of Places has been a part of our band over the last few months, helping us shape our sound and forge a higher standard of playing/performing than we think we ever could have imagined. Our sound, our presence, our instinctual need to be one with our music, to the best of our abilities,  as cliche as it is, is made of some of the highest standards we've ever envisioned. And Drew didn't diassppoint. His style and skill are completely unmatched, and we were fortunate enough to have him be a crucial addition to our group. But sadly for us, Drew and Places have not only a direction, but a BIG direction to head in, and of course, we wish them and Drew the best of luck. Those guys are going...places...and I'll just say it'll be hard NOT to notice them as a big part of Colorado's music scene.      As of now, Frozen Tide is looking for a new drummer, (still debating on the "having a bassist" thing, we love four strings but love our stage room as well:P), to fill the remaining piece that is the trifecta awesomeness of Frozen Tide. With that said, do not fret!!! We are still planning on some shows this fall for all of you. They may be acoustic or electric depending on what our situation is, but we do have some shows in the works! Just as well, we do have some tracks getting finished up in the recording process, and we will feed those to the Reverbnation page as they finish up.   With that, we'd like to say THANK YOU to all the friends, family and everyone in between for being a part of this project. We couldn't be doing this without you. And we are grateful for every day that we can continue doing what we love to do. We're here to rock this scene, and your faces, as long as we're allowed to. So, as a token of our love, and because we owe you guys some f****** music, a link for "Hope" is below. One of our favorites to play, and we're stoked to get it out to your ears. Please enjoy in any way you'd like. And tell your friends. Tell your friends' friends. Tell that ex you were stalking last night...it won't be awkward, I swear. 

        Thank you again for the love and support. We'll be seeing you soon. 

Direct Link for "Hope" on reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/frozentide/song/18686913-hope

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