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Julie E Gordon. Its hard having to sit here and write something about myself, but hey I'll try. Every space I come across singers/writers all seem to say the same thing quote "started singing from the ripe old age of 5, or 6, or 8 etc... Well me? I must admit I'm joining a long haul of respected songsters/songstresses as I too started very young. A Victim of bullying at school, empowered me to write and perform to a then hostile come loving audience. Kids can be so unforgiving... From a gospel background there was always hope and a longing respect to my creator, who has giving me a gift which I will continue to use providing i have the strength and courage to carry on. Over the past 12 years I have become more tuned in to the world of music, not only lending myself to great musicians but being able to focus my attention to the details that life has to give, the opportunities that arise are momentarily snatched up and I'm ever thankful to be able to share my gift with like minded musicians. I have worked with the likes of Desperate Dance (don't laugh!) they were a 5 piece acoustic (all male) outfit, that played covers - ie Happy Mondays, Cold play etc... and I offered BVs as well as performing some of my material. I then worked with another Soul Cover band Turn It loose, and had the honour to sing amongst some fantastic musicians, that in hand improved my confidence to go on to work with "Giants" in the music industry. RSL - Nominated for BBC World Wide Music. Womak and Womak, Denis Taylor, Jean Carne, Rae & Christian (GrandCentral) and now the Happy Mondays. I have been to many parts of the world, doing what I do and know best. I am yet far from complete in the sense that I still have so much to give.