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The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.

-Michael Jackson

The Secret

Put your dreams to the test, success will manifest


The wisdom's inside of your body

In The Faith

Always working, always on it. Continued progress towards set goal through ego mind / balanced by steadfast prayer, unwavering faith from my spiritual side. Delusional (only in the morning)


"The world needs dreamers and the world needs does, but above all, the world needs dreamers who do"


The Chosen One

"Don we now our gay apparel" I'm going down so throw me the camera And write my life into a documentary Give the world insight on what is meant to be

World Say

Let the world say what the world will say Let 'em say what they say just take your own time Let the world say what the world will say Till they take it away just live your own life

Ad Infinitum (a poem)

I like to, yes I do come up with these melodies And in silence I pursue all the possibilities And I might just find the one call her Mother Nature's Son And bestow her with my gifts touch her with my fingertips Till the leaves are turning brown seasons change and love is found

Undecided, In-between iridescent, yellow-green With her eyes so baby-blue hopes and dreams till dreams come true And she's leaving all she's known reaps a harvest she has sown Some is sour, some is sweet with her power, she completes Everything she's left behind seasons change and age with time

Undercover, as a kid I discovered All There Is Yes, an ancient, ethereal force runs a predetermined course From beginning to the end kingdom bound, and heaven-sent I now harbor things unseen from the space that's in-between "As above, So below" seeds of love I'm here to sow Till the low becomes the high floor is ceiling; ceiling, sky

Love is precious, love is kind love's relentless, love is blind Love is feeling, love is fate prehistoric vertebrates Now becoming Who We Are through The Sun and To The Stars No more sorrow, no more shame infinite is thy domain No more pressure, no more pain infinite is thy domain