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New resolution

Realising there's so much more to do to make it out there even after you've tasted success...So the new came, that means the strategies have to change to? Damn

closing some fbook pages

Allo tout le monde!! On va fermer mes autres pages de Tifane sauf celle la et la page Tifane Haiti. Pour rester sur ma liste clicker "like " ici . Passez le message. Hi guys we are closing all my other Tifane pages except this one and the Tifane Haiti page. Like me here to stay connected. Pass it on

setting up your standards

After years of performing here and there from small local shows to big stages in different countries a girl has to set her standards. Knowing how hard you work, do you want to be known as the one singer who will take whatever is offered (collabo, money, endorsement, song)? Nooo! Practice, keep polishing your craft, don't get a big head but set the bar, it's not just about singing! It's business!

Climbing the tree one more time

It took me sometime to get things together and now I'm understanding that I needed to get off the tree, get to the ground and climb again. Now I'm closer to the top with a better grip and with the help of a few solid branches ( good people)