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Jen in CA

Hey guys,

I will be in LA playing with Tim Acres, Joel Eckels from Paper Sun and Sally Jay tomorrow night at Room 5. Show starts at 8PM, and we only play for and hour. It's gonna be sweet. C'mon with it!


Room 5 Los Angeles, CA Tuesday January 13th 8PM

Bring the love! Jen

Jen Lowe and the Sensitive Dudes Tomorrow night!

I am playing with the Sensitive Dudes tomorrow night at the Hungry Tiger in Manchester, CT. We hit it at 9PM. The band is Chip Fenney on sax and vocals, Alan Friedman on electric lead guitar, Jay Wiggin on bass and vocals, and Joe Montineri on drum set. Oh...and me of course on acoustic guitar and vocals. I have a few new songs to debut. Bring the love!

Here are the details:

Jen Lowe and the Sensitive Dudes Thursday November, 13th 9PM Hungry Tiger Manchester, CT

Butterfly Stitch

Butterfly Stitch returns this weekend.

Find us at Vinocity tomorrow night the 7th of Nov.

9PM show.

All the girls and all the fun will be there.

It's in Kirkwood, GA.

Bring the hugs.


Headed Back To Georgia

I am headed back to GA. Gonna reconnect with pals and play in a show called Hedwig. I am excited. Alan Yates is flying up to NJ to help me and the CHE drive it down to the South. I imagine we are going to pull out the guitars and write a song on the way home. Blanche will be in the back singing doggie harmonies and dreaming of reconnecting with her best friend Stella. Oh how they have missed each other. Stella even went and got a prescription for her doggie arthritis..for playing games with the CHE takes a toll on a pooch. I am still here and now in CT. The mood is light, but I have a lot to do in light of my departure.

Yee Haw...and away we go again.