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The Elijah Syndrome

First, I MUST say that the Elijah Syndrome is really the perversion of it, the story is the same but the characters are by no means men of God or starving widows.... One of the bible stories that stuck with me and is now becoming very relevant in my opinion is the Story of Elijah and the widow. to paraphrase, God tells him to go to this widows house where he will get fed and get some hospitality, the widow though is broke, only has one meal (barely) to feed her and her son before they starve to death (sounds like a cruel joke but...) so he gets there and asks for food and water and she reluctantly serves him, but he performs a miracle and oil and flour never run out, or something close to that. Sunday school was over two decades ago sue me lol Now remember I said it was a perversion of the real story? here we go. Instead of Elijah put a celebrity in his place (better yet a washed up - 15 min of fame done ran out 15 days ago - dreaming of a come back - celebrity). And for the widow, replace her with a lota people with regards of how they view music. confused? let me explain.... introducing, Sharkeisha, yes I said it Sharkeisha, I had to think of a name and "it hit me" no pun intended lol. My Sharkeisha however, has a 9 to 5 and loves to dance, or more appropriately "twerk" Sharkeisha on the hustle (legal) trying to survive and dreams of living good, but she's always stressing about the bills, food, clothes, club and her green. Not enough to go around. When Sharkeisha's homie Kendrick (yes that one - only 10 years ago) tells her I rap, here's my CD $5, my website, my show.... Sharkeisha remembers she doesn't have enough to go around, but Sharkeisha heard Vanila Ice performing down at the club, then the rent might have to wait, who knows she might get chose. point is, a "bigger" (and I use the term very loosely and lightly) name will make Sharkeisha come out her last dollar as opposed to Kendrick who is just another starving local rapper. Sharkeisha is todays fan, promoter, sponsors, radio, magazines etc. Everybody is struggling to make it, and because of it, chances are rarely handed out, doors of opportunity are sealed shut, dreams are destroyed. can we blame em? No. In the story, Elijah does come through and keeps the widow good and fed for the rest of her life, can we say the same about our other characters, radio is going down the drain (slowly but still..) think about it, I Heart, Pandora, Sirius etc beats fm radio hands down, with all the washed out celebrities promoters bring, they haven't raised enough to bring a dope one? and as for Sharkeisha, only thing that she got from the experience was a past due notice. In conclusion. Kendrick will be Kendrick, Sharkeisha needs an attitude shift and Vanila Ice well... we gotta start feeding our own, molding them, that way we all move up, remain selfish and keep Exactly what you have no more no less. This is not anybody's truth, it is just an opinion of the collective reality of music.



spoken word

life ain't always a party, no bottles to pop no pictures to crop no asses to drop no, sometimes life brings pain and picture perfect situations can't find the right frame grinding on different lanes but the rain fall the same on every n!@#, every bad ass b!@# too they say don't count the drops just dance in the rain don't make excuses cause only you are to blame and if you take a hard hit, lip split, broke hip its all part of the game word, easy words but hard actions follow live for today but today is yesterday's tomorrow God didn't collect today I guess another day is borrowed yes the lies like cold ice water on a summer day but the truth, the truth that sh!@# is hard to swallow.

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maybe I'm selfish, probably unfair| I put u in my heart, but u saying u not there| did I push u out, did I really cross the line| and when u stole my heart did u forget that it was mine| tears down your face, but everything is fine| but we cant work it out if we only in it part time| I'm sorry that I hurt u, it wasn't my intention| and I'm a love machine but it wasn't my invention.... #trullyyoursKapela

Word from Kapela

You got a dream, chase it. You got fears, erase it. You found an opportunity, embrace it. You want to win, race it. remember time is money, don't waste it.