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Happy Birthday to me

I am excited to announce I will arrive at the age of 26 on 4/10/14 - It's been a long journey but I feel I must reflect - I feel so special to have made it to see this age - I've faced a few mountains - I'm still climbing - regarding music - I've seen many who give advice but haven't heard my work- people who will quit supporting and never give you an explanation - folks who will choose someone over you - but God knows the plans he has for me - plans for a VERY Bright future- and the doors that he opens no man can close- as I reflect back on my very short solo career thus far I've realized it's not what I SAY about me - or about what OTHERS THINK of me - but what matters most is what GOD KNOWS about me - he knows my heart - he cares for me and you - and if there is a dream you are pursuing I encourage you to continue on - but don't do it to prove your haters wrong - don't do it as a bucket list item - do it because God desires for you to praise HIM with the gifts he gave you - because he needs you to love on someone like he loves you - because the ppl of this earth need to know Him - you can recommend Him because of what he's done for you- with every step and breath you take - he wants it all - all of you - I am so grateful I'm here- so grateful for all that I am today - I'm learning so much and I'm praying much harder - On a another note I want to encourage you in another area of your life- not sure who will ever read this but I want you to know that if your heart is heavy- too many decisions to make- not enough money made- not enough effort paying off - I want you to know God will see you through - HE LIVES inside of us all - and although this time may be rough right now it will not last forever - you can be free from the burdens that worry you - the uncertainty - the pain in your heart - the tears of your past - YOU CAN BE FREE - ppl always say the Devil is a lie - its because he really is - he will tell you that you won't make it, that you'll never be happy, that your circumstances will never change - but despite the lies there's someone who is living today who could have been gone- there's someone who walked away from an accident no pain no injury - there is someone living today with an incurable disease and ppl who love them - YOU CAN MAKE IT- how? You might ask - it's simple. All you have to do is BELIEVE and never stop. Your faith is what will change your life - once you place your faith in God things will change- things won't look so glum, ppl you don't need will go away - its a life changing event - and as I approach the 26th year of my life I encourage you to just believe - believe that a greater power is looking out for you- For my birthday I want to put my money where my mouth is and increase my own walk- and this time next year - should I live to see it - I will report back- I love you- Happy birthday to you - a birthing of a new you*

My NEW YEARS Resolution!

Hey Friends and Family, I'm writing because I need your help so BADLY. In 2012 I debuted my first SOLO EP CD Titled "From Groans to Glory" based from Romans 8:18- The album has been out for a year, and so far it has blessed many! Top 10 Accomplishments for 2012 1. We got an official record deal 2. We won Nashville's Christian Women in Media Music Showcase 3. We welcomed 296 fans on Reverbnation 4. We welcomed 235 fans on Facebook 5. We kept 555 solid followers on Twitter 6. We performed at over 25 venues 7. WE GAVE AWAY over 100 Free downloads 8. Our official Video almost reached 1,000 views and was picked up by a major site 9. We maintained a top 10 ranking in the Contemporary Christian Genre on reverbnation.com 10. WE ARE STILL READY TO CONTINUE TOGETHER AS A BAND My goal for 2013 is to SPREAD THE WORD. Knowing we've done so many great things in one short year lets me know that we can go BIGGER HERES WHERE YOU COME IN! This year I am SPREADING MY MOVEMENT across multiple stages from Kansas City, to Colorado all the way to Nashville. I will even be competing in some National Contest to gain some exposure. I was already honored this year to help praise lead at 3 churches in Denver, have been asked to demo and write tracks for industry artist and will be performing throughout those three areas for this entire year. I will also be recording my album!!BUT I CAN"T RELEASE IT UNTIL I GAIN A BIGGER FOLLOWING. JUST THE WAY OF THE MUSIC BUSINESS. IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY PLEASE do AT LEAST TWO of the following to help me out: 1. Like my music page www.facebook.com/nijahchnai 2. Follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/nijahchnai 3. Vote for me on GMC Networks Most Powerful Voice in Gospel: www.power.watchgmctv.com/artists/nijah-chnai 4. Listen to ANY song on www.reverbnation.com/nijahchnai OR 5. Watch the [Official] Jesus is Life video on www.youtube.com/nijahchnai 6. Share this link on someones page who may benefit from our message www.reverbnation.com/nijahchnai I am striving to make my way on some national stages to become more noticable to the industry for a legitimate deal (the one we were offered was not good). With your help I know we can make this possible and most importantly YOU can be a part of helping spread a message that WILL change someones life. I put my heart and soul into this music and performances, most importantly I'm growing as a spiritual individual because of it- THIS IS MY DREAM... FEEL FREE TO COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR MY LONGEVITY IN THIS INDUSTRY which is what I'm striving for. I love you guys and I WON'T STOP until the world knows how on fire we are for Christ!


Wow, its been a whole year since I've wrote a blog! My main goals for 2013 are to continue to spread the gospel and to grasp that full relationship with Jesus that we all need so badly. Many give Jesus a certain time of the week a certain time of the day. I need him in every aspect of my life. Kinda like the synagogue and the Hebrews. That wasn't church they were having, that was life they were embellishing in, attempting to figure out how to help the factors of their lives fit into their spiritual being. *deep. I wanna write that story I want to write that journey and share that with you all through new music. I pray you stick with me. I pray our team grows stronger and most importantly I pray for your spirit, for your soul- Jesus is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone and once you find that out for yourself I know you'll never go back to who you used to be signed - new creature*

Watz Drugs my Deala'?

For some reason that phrase got stuck in my head- New Kanye and JayZ song- crazy how a song could get stuck in your head- I will say that I am a fan of music- if the sound is nice, I can easily become inspired- I listen to everything from rock, rap, to country- something about words said or a melody - I choose however to pursue the gospel genre because I feel that I owe God all I do- I do have conflicting beliefs w/the msg of other artist -but what they talk about is what goes on in this world- like a heart being broken etc. I can't hate but I can talk about something a little different- like how a broken heart feels when its healed by the power of God- I do want to make sure I'm not painting this picture as if I'm holier than thou- I want to keep it real, and if my message cast me out of the gospel genre then so be it- Regardless I love music and I've got something to say -so in songs to come look for me cuz the words will allow for you to get to know me a lot better!- not faking the funk*

Twitter Chaos

There are tons of people in this world, several who don't share the same beliefs as I do. Regardless I still friend back on FB, still follow back on Twitter and show love on reverb. I try not to judge people but only hope that the message I'm giving will impact them eventually. Whether through a tweet or status post I am hoping that somewhere they'll see the power of Jesus. Crazy to think that one would find God on social media, but he's everywhere! Cuz I am choosing to bring him on in* I'm no perfect soul but God has not asked me to be, he did say proclaim him name, and I intend to through all means. I love you all just as I would my family and I respect you all as such, thanks for not judging me and following me regardless of our differences*