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I was asked what sort of a rig I used to get the vintage guitar tones. For all of these recordings I used the COSM BOSS guitar effects built into their line of digital recording studios. However, I never used the pre-sets and modified each one through the stack and amp options. It could take hours to settle upon the perfect sound for each song, but well worth the time if you get the right one. The other big factor is using just the right guitar, My most used electrics being a vintage 70s Les Paul Standard, vintage 1980 Gibson Firebrand SG, '52 issue Fender Tele and 20 year old Fender Strat. I also used a Gibson Melody Maker and Gretsch Elecromatic from time to time to get some variation of sound. For acoustic I use a '78 Oskar Graff, Taylor GS Mini and Baby Martin and always mic them for best vintage sound.

TheWraith517  (about 6 years ago)

have you checked out the roland GK devided pickup (theirs a load of vids on youtube for it, prity mind blowing when it becomes a piano & stirng section) expensive kit though :'( ive been using Guitar Rig 4, but cheated & just got the app & im using the ik multimedia stealthplug to interface with it rather than the $500+ kit lol

Kirkland Field
Kirkland Field  (over 5 years ago)

You got some great tone going using that stuff...I've used all the Line6 gear as well as the ElevenRack and AxeFx stuff, and they are all great as well, but I wanted to comment on your tone...very tasty.

The Professor and Naomii Kay

We are finalizing songs for our next recording session, and it is really hard to decide upon which ones to record.....so many directions to go in terms of sounds and styles. In the end, we are probably just going to record more material than we need, and let the songs decide for themselves -- aiming for a good balance between rock/pop tunes with staying power, and some softer acoustic numbers. We are always opened to suggestions.

Welcome to our blog. We are very interested in your comments and feedback, Please tell us what you think of the music, what you like or dislike about it, etc. We are working on new stuff right now and your input might inspire us to explore some new ideas and directions.

Thanks for your interest.

Wayne and Naomi