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Help Make Shift Happen In 2015 Links to festival "Bands You Want To See" posts.

(ATTN: Links on facebook posts) Thanks for your time.. Happy Holidaze... As of now, there are many festivals asking the fans who they would like to perform at their events... There are tons of great artist/bands out there so we'd like to ask each and everyone of you to "Help Make Shift Happen In 2015" We have a few links to different facebook posts from festivals and/or promoters and we'd like to ask all of our friends/family/fans and anyone else that will help out to please take a few moments and click on these links and "Help Make Shift Happen In 2015" by adding Paradijm Shift to their posts for prospective bands... Festivals and Promoters are more likely to choose artists/bands that they see fans want to see so we could use your support.. Thanks again.. Here are the links we have for now.. Please feel free to share this post.. With all the great talent out there, we need your support more than ever... Buck Daddy Productions https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=778125095613790&id=723604037732563&fref=nf&pnref=story Werkout 2015 https://www.facebook.com/robchafin/posts/10100602125402880 Family Roots Fest https://www.facebook.com/events/499619590139945/permalink/524686727633231/ Tribal Connection https://www.facebook.com/TribalConnectionArtsAndMusicFestival/posts/582285771903039 If and when we see any other festivals and or promoters asking we'll add them and if there are any other ways that you can "Help Make Shift Happen In 2015" please let us know.. Thanks, Paradijm Shift

Rock The Farm Tickets $35 Presale

If you or someone you know is going to "Rock The Farm" the last weekend of July, in St Paris, Oh and are in need tickets, we have them to sell, so spread the word.

Free Shift!! FB Fans Contest...

For those of you on FB and would like a chance to win a pair of tickets to the 1-18-14 cd recording party at The Old Crow in Middletown, Oh here's the link... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paradijm-Shift/134930403184170?sk=settings&tab=public§ion=band_members&view#!/photo.php?fbid=704950526182152&set=a.169772143033329.42440.134930403184170&type=1&theater

Paradijm Shift (Ohio Junk Rock)
Paradijm Shift (Ohio Junk Rock)  (over 3 years ago)

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What's up for 2014????

As we close out 2013 we feel pretty good about making the top 30 bands/artist in the Dayton, Oh area... With hundreds of local bands entered, to be in the top 30 is a real accomplishment for us and we appreciate the honor... 2013 was our best year to date... With all the set backs we've had over the years, we hope that 2014 will be bigger and better than ever.. If all goes according to plan our 1st show of 2014 will be a cd/ep recording party, we've done this before and every time something happens... We hope the weather holds out and we get a crowd to celebrate this long awaited moment.. Everyone cross thier fingers that the weather is great and the recordings come out so we can finally get some music out to the masses... It's been a long time coming... 2008 is when Chris and Lyle started performing together and there has been so many Paradijm Shift's in the band that it constantly changes.. Every show has been different and will continue to be different.. Ever evolving and ever changing.. Ohio Junk Rock is here... The journey is just begining again so hope aboard.... 2014 we're starting up a street team and fan club, we hope to be releasing our 1st cd/ep in some time in the Spring, we wil be updating all our pages and putting up new and unreleased material audio and video and much more... Happy Holidays and we'll keep everyone posted... Hope to see you at The Old Crow Bar in Middletown, Oh on Sat1-18-14 for Depp's B-day, Pockets year anniversary and cd/ep recording party.... Let's make some history and let's make it together...2014 Shiftheads Unite!!!!

Made the top 30 bands in Dayton

Thanks for such a great year everyone.. 2014 will be bigger and badder than ever.. We made the top 30 bands with the number of votes so we go on to the next round to become Dayton's 2013 Band/Artist of the Year.. Even if we don't make it to make the top 30 is awesome... We'll be uploading a lot of new material in 2014 after the cd recording party so stay tuned for that and we'll have a cd release party not long afterwards... Until then please enjoy the videos and the rest of the material we have..Some stuff we have on here is out dated but it is a part of how we became what we are today.. Thanks for being a piece of Shift and we'll see you in 2014...

Paradijm Shift

CD Recording Party 1-18-14

Don't miss out... CD Recording party, Depp's bday, Pockets 1 yr anniversary, 2 set of Paradijm, Emily & the Lost Cat Ramblers open, 8 Legged Cat in the house, new and classic material from us for the ep/cd press kit... It's going to be an off the hook shin dig if ever there was one... We hope to celebrate with you if you can make it..

2014 starts off strong...

Shift hit's the fans in Middletown, Oh on Saturday Jan 18th, 2014 at the Old Crow Bar... If you've never experienced Ohio Junk Rock before then treat yourself to a night full of music and entertainment... Buckeye Music Magazine continues to out do themselves with every event and this show will be no exception.. Emily & the Lost Cat Ramblers opens the show, so be on the lookout for Octopussy, the eight legged cat, you may get a chance to see this rare oddity for only a dollar... Paradijm Shift will be performing 2 sets on this night because there's many reasons to for us celebrate... Our lead guitarist (also ELCR lead guitarist) will be celebrating his birthday (presents will be accepted but are not required).. It's our bassist 1 year anniversary of joining the band... This will also be a EP/CD Recording party for Paradijm Shift so make some noise... Doors at 9p, music at 10p and only $5.. There's going to be many surprises and a lot more info tba so stay tuned.. Tell a buddy, bring a friend, but don't you dare miss it..

Upcoming shows

Can't wait... Got a bday coming up in 9 days... Jimmie's Ladder 11 in Dayton.. Free show.... Hope to see everyone there..

Dec 1st Set List J-Alans Dayton, Oh

Sister MusicA Jam Empty Spaces Brandon Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Don't Bring Me Down Hope Heartbreaker (Rolloing Stones) w/ Danny Sauers on spoken word 60 Cents That Reality E:Superstition Special thanks for Tonal Caravan for playing the show..

60 Cents Lyrics

There goes that old 60 cents he's walking down the street always ask for 60 cents from everyone he meets always ask for 60 cents every single time and if you aint got 60 cents he\ll take a quarter or a dime meet 60 cents in Dayton any night or any day and if you meet old 60 cents well you'll know it right away

Because he always asks for 60 cents every time that he walks by always asks for 60 cents from every girl, and guy..

Well you may meet old 60 cents on any side of town He'll be asking for that 60 cents from any one around Always asks for 60 cents but he gives no reason why No I aint got 60 cents is the usual reply But every now and then old 60 cents he has a little luck They say man I aint got 60 cents so here man have a buck

Because he always asks for 60 cents every time that he walks by always asks for 60 cents from every girl, and guy..

Does 60 cents have a permit? The world may never know Because if you ask him for one he'll just turn around and go If you see old 60 cents, whatcha gonna do? You may not see 60 cents but you know that he'll see you Now you know of 60 cents his tale is told and done Will you give him 60 cents or will you give him none

Because he always asks for 60 cents every time that he walks by always asks for 60 cents from every girl, and guy..