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What to do...

So its about that time when the schools are to imprison the youth again. MTBB are here, we got a video to plan out for "Black sock noose" as voted for on our facebook page. Not sure who we'll get for filming and editing, so stay tuned!

tumer core
tumer core  (over 5 years ago)

you guys should let me help you make the vid i have plans for it


This is the first blog posted on ReverbNation. and let me tell you, its a fuckin sweet one. This site is a great tool, only recently have we decided to clean it up and make it presentable. This is due to the fact that our CD is just about done, currently it is in the mastering process. That means we can post our songs on here w00t. We'll get our songs on this beautiful site, and we'll have it synced with everything, it will be great. Probably talked about for years to come i assume. As i type this, we are just under 2 days away from playing with Biipiigwan, and they seem like a good bunch, and we like their music, hopefully we get some decent footage from that and also obviously have a good time, thats what we all about. Not much else to say, if you guys have anything to comment or ask then by all means dont hold back. Have a good one from MTBB!