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Video Production

New release coming soon! In the process of mastering new track! Video production starts Oct 4th! Stay Tuned

Better Ways

Finally finished a project I thought would never get done. For 14 years I wanted to fix some mistakes in the track I did in Ted Nugent's studio, with V.W.P. I finally finished it and even added some depth to the song.. Check it out, " Better Ways". Its sounded to 80ish before, so I changed it up a bit. I guess you can say, I added a little spice to the recipe.

Still working on the new tracks, just had a little delay with some musicians, but coming soon.

Week 1

Two songs are now arranged and ready for recording. This weekend is week one in the first stage. I will have results posted on the blog of what was accomplished, so stay tuned:)


Still Working

It is so hard to get things complete when I am moving. Moving really stinks, it takes so much out of you. I decided that I would take advantage of this and soon will have a song about this unpredictable experience. Anyways, please stay tuned, I have the arrangements complete and have played the new material live in a few places here local in the Hernando, ms area. It is going quite well and i am really proud of this work and the reaction it has on people. Stay Tuned, Bluebinge

Working on New Tracks

I have now put down 4 new tracks and going over the arrangements, lyrics and rythem. These new tracks will be much different then the current ones I have now on Reverbnation. This I believe will be some of my personal best work. Please stay tuned.