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Feb 23, 2015

With much work being put towards writing, finding new members and still getting much else done, im happy to say some new music will be coming very soon! working on it! thanks for all the support, bringing our ranking higher than it has been... much appreciated. Unfortunatly our real site got hacked and destoryed so this will be main site till one gets posted...


Our touring drummer and bassist are not a long term deal in this band. this site is way out of date. i no longer, really never did, have control over this site. all our sites were hacked and detroyed. leaving our band to have to start over. which sucks... and we disbanded for a while. now, getting back on track, im looking for good drummers and basists... if you can do back ups, great. these are only a handful of songs, all in same vein of eaach other. we are an excleptic band, so theres more to us than this... write to PhilMartino81@yahoo.com subject line: Drummer (or Bassist) for OMD. thanks and hope to talk to you guys soon! -Lip Phil Martino

this is out of date

this site is out of date. we will fix it up. we have an official site in the works

Still looking for musicians.

I am still looking for the right musician. Drummer especially. a local paper stating "Phil Martino, the next Kurt Cobain?" was printed recently but also pointed out that the other members were not as good as the band "should be." and I agree. I have been jamming with people, but am still looking. My personal email is backinutero@gmail.com or you can mail us at onemechanicalday@gmail.com or onemechanicalday@mail.com but those two i do not personally check, our manager does. You have a better chance with reaching me at mine or commenting on this site. thank you for listening and reading.


One Mechanical Day Update

I want to thank all the fans that have supported OMD for all these years. We have been broke up since 2007, though back with a new line up and I will be posting songs soon. I did not set this site up, so i am still working on it. There are other free downloads if you search google for one mechanical day. thank you. OMD c/o Phil

One Mechanical Day Update

One Mechanical Day broke up in 2007. Now in 2012, Singer/Guitarist/Song Writer, Phil Martino is working hard on getting new members to reform the band with "a better bassist and drummer this time around. Before the musicians I played with in this band were not up to pare. I mean no disrespect to them, I just want people to hear the music as I do in my head." Things are coming along smoothly and One Mechanical Day will be ready to play shows sooner than later according to vocalist Phil Martino. As of now that is all. Further updates will be posted.