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Reviews of Songs From Compadre's

love lonesome valley. great tune. makes me want to walk down a dusty road in hot sun.

-Bandmates ----------------------------------------------------------

You've got something mighty special here with "Hobo." The down-and-out storytelling of Johnny Cash with a charismatic voice like Elvis. Very unique in its authenticity.

-Jason Didner ----------------------------------------------------------

really dig your music, it's awesome...

-Karling Abbeygate ----------------------------------------------------------

Great Tracks! Devilton is really cool!!!

-Stephen L ----------------------------------------------------------

Really enjoy Big Ol' Owl in particular. Just sounds like the real deal. Love to see you live some day.

-John Pippus ----------------------------------------------------------

I like your cheeky comments and the cinematic ambience of your songs. They inspire characters and David Lynch-ish plots.

-Alice Marie ----------------------------------------------------------

you really know how to "swing it", brother! Been listening to your songs, and love the vibe of everything you're doing. There's an awful "lot of Texas" in surf instrumentals, you know :)

-The Aquamarines