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Mixtape Release!!! "Breakfast Wit Paris"

check out my new mixtape its free to download and is simply good music at its best let me know what you think http://www.datpiff.com/KMGKillswitch-feat-Alicia-Renee-Breakfast-Wit-Paris-mixtape.520063.html

Video Editing

Man i swear i get people asking me all the time about these videos i do but i tell them all the same if i tell you what i know then you wont need me lol but seriously and why can i not get anyone to pay the price that this type of work demands it seems simple but i paid 30,000$ to go to school to learn how to do what i do and they want all they money so i gots to get all of mine i mean i do have a heart so i hook some of the homies up but my time and skill and service cost money this is a job so dont ever forget that #KMG Killswitch and im gone


So I'm working on the new video for "Everything Burns"(new song dropping soon!) And the damn vegas program wants to act the damn fool everytime I render it it fills my screen with lines and make it look like it was shot behing Venetian blinds!!!!!!! Damn computer you will do as I say I am your master!!!!!#KMG :-#

New Video coming soon "Everything Burns"!!!!!!!!

man i been putting in some major work on this video i been doing. it really is gonna go in i mean the special effects are kicking my ass but itll be worth it gotta love the fire