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Summer 2014!!

Well, our first real release, The Horatio EP, is finally out the door and you can find it on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp and a ton of other music outlets all across the internet. As far as what we're up to this summer here's some information. Pauls wife just gave birth to their first child, a baby boy!! So, with fatherhood now under his belt Paul's going to be soon prepping to get back to work on music. Hopefully within the next couple of months we'll have more time to start rehearsing and get some shows lined up for this coming fall and the return of students at OSU. Stay tuned.

Wren in 2014

Hello friends and fans of the band Wren. I'd like to take a moment to talk about what we're planning this year and fill you in on what's been doing on within the band since our last update.

Here's a look at our new bio - it'll explain the jist of things.

Wren has recently been reformatted from a four-piece alternative rock band to a somewhat unconventional two-man team with a hired gun drummer for shows and recording. The sound has changed as well. In addition to the band’s rock roots, elements of funk and hip-hop have been heavily incorporated. The new Wren is able to seamlessly transition from heavy rock to light alternative to rhythm-core hip-hop. Rapped verses with sung choruses over guitar effects, slap bass lines and funk/rock drum beats are where the band is heading. A short demo is due out in the Spring to highlight Wren’s emerging sound to be followed by Ohio show dates. In 2012, Paul Lindberg (bass/rapped lyrics/backing vocals) joined Wren in its original form, which had been founded by Tim Cowen (lead vocals/guitar/keyboards) sometime in 2011. After cycling through a few drummers and losing their other guitar player to Austin, TX, Tim and Paul decided to pull back from garage (basement) -rooted writing and rehearsing with additional full-time members to making a go of it themselves. In an age where Skype, beat programs and cheap recording technology exists, the two decided the old ways were no longer necessary. Tim, located in Loudonville, Ohio, and Paul, located in Columbus now collaborate over a distance to achieve what has become a fulfilling project for both of them.

So that should hopefully give you a good idea for what's going on with our sound and where we're heading. Expect us to start getting some show dates setup after our recording session on March 2, at Paper Tiger Studios in Columbus, OH.

Wren - Our current status - And what's ahead!!

Hello fans and friends of the band Wren,

After a couple of years working together, lead guitarist, Jeremy Glick, has recently resigned and looks to move to Texas. Along with the news, drummer, George Scott, has also resigned. Both will finish out their run with Wren at our Oct 1, 2013, show at the Loudonville Street Fair, in Loudonville, Ohio. It's been a great run working with them and we wish them the best as they move forward..

So where does this leave Wren now!? Well, Paul and I are going to continue working together and look forward to what we can crank out. Just know that it'll be a different kind of vibe as we work on picking up a new drummer. We're looking to regroup as 3-piece for awhile and incorporate more electronics and rap into what we've been doing. The songs you may know and love might end up sounding different than they've been over the last couple years.

It's an exciting time - one we're looking forward to .

Wren in 2013!!

Hello Reverbnation friends and fans!!

So, as some of you may or may not know, our Kickstarter campaign was not successful, and we thank everyone who put down a pledge towards our goal, but in the end we didn't reach what we need to get help fund our debut EP. However, we're still going to honor the rewards that we've created for the campaign, so if anyone is interested in simply donated to us directly - via paypal - then we'll honor the rewards that are listed on our kickstarter page still. (Simply see our next blog for the link)

Further big news, our friend and drummer Adam Tufford, has left Wren in order to pursue other ventures! We wish him the best and have filled the empty seat with George Scott, who now joins us on drums! Welcome George if you happen to catch a live show this year!

We still plan on recording our debut EP this year no matter what!! So keep on the look out for upcoming news about it soon! Happy New Years!!

Wren Kickstarter Live from Nov 16-Dec 17

Hello Reverbnation friends and fans,

We're raising money on Kickstarter to help fund our first EP. We've got a bunch of really cool rewards planned and would love to share in the fun with you.


If you have any questions please ask us as there is a small window of how long this campaign will last, so pledge early if possible!! Every dollar will help towards our goal.

Thanks to everyone that supports us and we look forward to delivering a fantastic EP to you with some fun rewards!

What's new with Wren?

2012 has been a very busy year for us!! After completing our homemade demo we proceeded to book several shows throughout the summertime and early fall. Now it's time for us to start focusing on our next goal, which is to raise money to be spent on a real album. Shortly, we'll be starting a KickStarter campaign to hopefully raise the funds for said album. It's been a really great year though so far. For those that haven't have a chance to actually catch a Wren show it's quite the experience. Aside from what's posted here (the demo songs) we occasionally would open shows with piano, drums, guitar and our bassist reciting one of the monologues from 'American Psycho.' Also, we occasionally would through in a rap song that featured piano, drums, guitar and rap lyrics. Those are on top of the real bulk of our setlist which does feature heavily from elements of Indie Rock and Pop music. As I've said it's been a really interesting year for us and hopefully next will be even better!! And by the way, our self-recorded demos can be found in rotation on the Cannon.FM app along with the Columbus Local Music Radio app.

Playing in Nashville TN

I'll be playing Wren songs on Broadway, in Nashville TN on 10/29/11 starting somewhere around 5-6 pm depending on the weather. Stop by to talk with me about our music and listen to some great tracks. - Tim Cowan