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Well guys we got through to the YouBloom Music Awards Round 3 Semi-Finals last night; And we just wanted to thank all you considerate, supportive and very groovy people for all your help and efforts. We are over the moon! The semi-final judging of round 3 begins today and lasts for a week. Our song, along with 11 others will be judged by four industry professionals: Alex Von Soos, Dave Garnish, Nigel Grainge & Pete Briquette. Only 6 songs will be chosen by them to make it through to the final, then the public will vote on the four finalists. These 4 will be entered with the finalists of round 1 & 2 into the Annual Playoff's to compete for the grand prize. Now we are through to the semi's we will get feedback from the 4 judges and the video's will be available to view on the YouBloom YouTube Channel soon. We are thrilled to have come this far and really appreciate the chance to get feedback on our song writing before we begin the long process of recording an album and we can't thank you guys enough for it. Seriously, thanks for coming through for us. You guys rock our socks off! -Nims & Grt (Band in a Wardrobe)

Muso's Please Help us!!!!!!

Hey you guys- we need your help!! Today is the last day of voting to get us into the semi-finals of YouBloom Music Awards. We are 11th and need to be in the top 8. We would really really appreciate each and every vote. We have 12 hours left so do it NOW people!! Go on go on go on, get voting here: http://www.youbloom.com/ybsc/entry/3812/ Everyone who lets us know they voted gets a free download of our track also. Thanks for getting us this far peeps! Now get clicking!!!!!!

Quarter Finals of YouBloom Music Awards Peeps!

Hello all you beautiful people out there. We just wanted to let you know voting has begun for the quarter-finals of the YouBloom Music Awards. As you all know thanks to your most groovy efforts we go through to the quarters last week. Should we get voted in the top 8 of this round we will get judged and advised on our song by 6 fat cats of the musical industry. This is the best possible outcome for us in these awards. We would be so very happy to just get professional guidance on our song writing even if it makes our mouths go all twitchy and depressed at the corners. So if you could spare a moment to hit click on the following link that would be entirely effin' amazing of you! http://www.youbloom.com/ybsc/entry/3812/ With our most fuzzy thanks please send us a screenshot of your vote and we will forward you a free download of our tune. Nims & Grt

Thanks you bunch of maniacs!!!!

Hey all you music munchers out there! Apologies for the recent radio silence.. busy, busy. We just wanted to send our happiest, most grateful thanks to everyone who voted for us in YouBloom out there. That was so damn brilliant of you all and thanks to your damn brilliance we finished 1st in our heat and progress to the quarter finals of round 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5QZ28a2Ztk Should any of you who voted not want to jam a fork in your ear at the thoughts of hearing our song again please contact us via Facebook for a free download as your reward (or punishment)! Thanks again for all your support you guys sure do rock!!! Nims & Grt - Band in a Wardrobe

You Bloom Music Awards

Word up to all our friends, fans and fellow music enthusiasts out there! Big respect and much love to everyone who has voted for us in the YouBloom Music Awards. Please continue to vote - we could really use your help with getting us through to the next round - all votes are vital to keeping us in the competition and will help us take our musical musings to the next level. We are so very grateful for all your support! To show our thanks and appreciation if you send us a screenshot of your vote we will email you an mp3 of our nominated number 'Rising Tide'. You can vote for us here: http://www.youbloom.com/ybsc/entry/3812/ Thanks again my peeps and we wish you a most groovetastic week!!! Nimsy and Grt - Band in a Wardrobe

We give you thanks and praise!

Thanks to everyone who has visited, commented, played, and friended. We salute you! Without you the wardrobe would have no doors.