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WNY Regional Champs of the Hard Rock Rising!!

It's been a week since we stepped off that Hard Rock stage in Niagara Falls, and, it was the best feeling we have all ever had. Music is ingrained in us; it's in the DNA. We lost last year, totally got our butts handed to us. We didn't even make it out of the first round. Defeated. Instead of finding excuses, we reached out and asked, "how can we be better?" and "what will get us to victory?".

So we asked everyone surrounding that Hard Rock competition last year. The Hard Rock staff, the judges, the WNY Hall of Famers and radio personalities that were associated with the contest.

Where do we stand as a live band and what can we do to improve?

They all replied. Every one of them we asked. They told us two positives: 1) The material is really good, the songwriting is there. 2) We have extremely good vocal talent in our lead singer Megan Brown.

The negatives: We needed to look like a band. Did you guys just roll out of the garage? We needed to work on getting some "road miles" on us. Hit the clubs, play in the streets, hone our craft, live and breathe the songs and play to as many people as we could. Dirty Smile needed to show on our faces the music that we are playing.

Dirty Smile dove into the last year doing just that. We rehearsed until our fingers bled and our voices were hoarse. We dove into the WNY music scene head first. We mixed with the talent, the friends, the bands, past Hard Rock Niagara Falls winners, we did collaborations and made the music the part between sleep, eating, and family. We rallied the Dirty Smile Army around us during the voting phases, and they tenaciously complied with their votes and their bodies. Hard Rock was rocking last week Thursday.

We are humbled to accept what happened last week, we are gracious enough to have shared the stage with some extremely talented bands this year, and we are thankful that everyone that we asked for help - responded with the truth and their kindness in supporting us.

However, the real battle is just beginning.

We are assimilating the army as we speak. Passionately we rally and plan our attack with infecting each and every person we can! To get us to the only place we've thought about for the last year:

Hard Rock Rising - Rome, Italy.

Entered into Hard Rock Rising...

We aren't into contests too much because they tend to bring the demons out amongst a scene that needs to be unified...however, we have some great friends who are in killer bands that might get the opportunity to get on that Hard Rock stage - and man, we'd like to be in on that party! If you are in the 716 (or a more importantly are within a 100 mile radius of Niagara Falls Hard Rock), we'd appreciate you clicking the blue picture in the middle of our page (or right here!! http://www.reverbnation.com/contests/1507/artist/2038333 ) and download our song "Damn Me to Hell" - it counts as 1 vote! Unfortunately cell phones and tablets do not work, so vote from the computer or laptop! Thanks again for visiting and the support. We are doing what we love here, the Nationals can fight over the $$.

New Videos added!

Our good friend and biggest WNY Music supporter Crimson Pestilence (http://www.facebook.com/crimson.pestilence) video taped two live performances of Dirty Smile from last week Thursday! Go to the video section and check them out. Also, we have audio versions of our latest releases "Ruined" and "Taste You Breathe" available. More free singles to come! Thanks for stopping by, head over to http://facebook.com/dirtysmileband and like us over there!

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