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Story Preview

From our Mothership we are born. So is music, dance, drama, dreams, and karma. Her body, a beautiful vessel, so bright and so blue. Aboard, we serve; but not for her nevertheless, but to the nefarious hand who holds sway over her helm. This is how it is and always has been. A constant construction of control. We must let go, for now a new dawn rises upon us. We must resist their programming. We must re-boot our internal mainframes. We must break free. We must save the Mothership. We must love, lose, live, and die to be… …human.

By the year 2013, the children of the sixties were now worn, weathered, and chiseled adults turned into submissive robots for their children or forced into professions, while their dreams of yesterday’s ‘Flower Power’ and revolution lingered in the lonely darkness of abandonment. Shadows of self-indulgence had followed them ever since the end of the seventies. In the eighties they learned to sedate the shadows with pills, power, and money and with the emergence of the nineties came the rationalizing of this guilt stricken generation for their way of life and what it had become, versus what they were trying to forget. The messages of their movements sill lived on somewhere within the many residual layers of music and books that no one bothered to listen, read, and analyze anymore. Everything around them was art that could inspire them to love again, but the majority no longer cared to listen, nor see, nor hear. They just wanted to look away and move on as if conflict never broke out and consequences never existed. Their only hope rested in the creatively dormant minds of their lazy, video game jaded offspring. The children of a mass commercialized era, where everything was for sale. Another generation left for dead, or would they save themselves and awaken to their true visions reclaiming their destiny and take head on the overwhelming web of the World’s chaos?

The Organic Androids ascended upon their scene, a band of anti-hero misfits lost in the shuffle, using the cards the world had conditioned them to play with. Breaking all the social parameters, and imitating all the prior barrier breakers—they intensely and whimsically wooed their listeners into a frenzy. Only Organic Androids could answer the Call.