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Quick break from shows

Thanks to everyone that came out and saw us play any of our first 7 shows in March , April , or May. We're taking a quick break this summer to improve on our set and get ready to record in the fall. We have a show July 26th at O'leaver's with Chicago's Hey Perro and that's pretty much it til' september. Stay tuned for our much more awesome wave of awesome .

March 13th , 2012

Thanks to everyone that came out for our first show at O'leaver's this last saturday . (3/10/12) Saudi Arabia was most excellent as always and everyone appeared pleased. This weekend has lots going on and we hope you'll be able to make it to Venue 162 (162 w.broadway cb, IA ) on friday night to see us continue our rock-tackular journey.

January 2012

We got off track a little during december due to the busy-ness of family , traveling , work , etc. but are back at it , ready to record our demo this saturday (the 14th) and prep our live set for a busy month of march. When I have enough power , I will someday institute a new holiday ; "back to normal day". It's the first monday of january that all stores , banks , trash pick-up , and whatnot resume at their normal time. It's nice to know when this shit is open , and we're passed the hectic holiday bullshit. If ever I own a business , I'll be closed only on this day to create confusion. YOu're welcome.