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The Times They Are A Changin'

Bit of a coincidence that Bob Dylan's 'Times...' just came on the radio (Thank you 91.7 KXT!). There are, in fact, big plans for our future.

First step: taking the work load off of myself to make room for more musical enlightenment and overall more time to be awesome. I assure you, I will be sharing the awesome that I become.

Having said that, we welcome Matthew Ryan and Band Handlers, who will officially be representing us. We hope this move will further our fan base and in the long run expand out horizons.

And what good are having fans if you don't have anything to give them? Work will begin very soon on the 'Hollow' EP. We are working on a few more songs (Which will likely extend it from EP to unofficial LP. There is so much we want to share with you all). More on that as it develops.

There are many other changes happening, none of which I can fully reveal. Still early stages but I assure you all, it will be a positive one.

Now, go listen to more Coldplay.