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Going Strong in 2014

Lots of new gigs this year. Just finished the first of a recurring series at Carlin Hall in the GlenCarlyn neighborhood of Arlington. Great venue. Opened for Back Alley Blues Boys at St. Elmo's Coffee Pub in Delray. Coming up is the New Deal Cafe and then a SAW Showcase at the Epicure Cafe in Fairfax.

Back in the Swing

After taking most of the summer off, Medium Gauge is getting back in the swing of things with upcoming shows at the Epicure Cafe (SAW Showcase) and return appearances at Paradise Springs Winery. I have an album out called, It's About Time (available on ITunes and CD Baby) and Nick is in the studio working on his next project. Oh yes, and the day jobs.

Ready, Fire, Aim

At a certain point you just DO it. We've done that -- invested in a sound system, chosen a name and created a Medium Gauge logo. At a certain point you just have to get out there and take your chances. You're never ready enough if you worry too much about all the details. We know our songs, we know each other, weve played in the holes in the wall as well at a couple of great venues. Now it's time to just go out and get some good gigs and have fun.