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Older tracks such as those from Deadly Nightmarez will soon be removed from my page. The only way anyone will be able to hear them from this point on is to either purchase the album in hard copy or purchase the album in digital download. Also the tracks for The Dead Landz will be removed by the end of March. So if you want them now is the time to get them for free. Otherwise you will have to purchase them from the reverbstore.

News Flash

I have a lot of work planned but truth is you never know what's in store for the future. I am currently working on Vizionz: Act 1. The only information I can give at this time is that it is almost finished. Recently I uploaded a sampler for the album. However the sampler is now out of date and will be removed soon. Another thing I had originally slated the album to be released around the first of the month but it has now been pushed back to what is looking like early to mid march. Vizionz: Act 1 will also be the first album in a series of albums that I have planned but I make no promises. As I stated earlier there is no telling what the future holds. After Vizionz is mixed, mastered, and released I will know then what direction I want to take with the next project. I will tell you all that Vizionz: Act 1 has some very personal tracks with a few tracks that simply serve as filler tracks. Now that does not mean that the songs are not good. In fact these filler tracks are placed on the album so that it is not too much for one person to handle as far as the sincerity and darkness that I have poured into the separate tracks. Simply put everyone needs a feel good track rather than a depressing overture. For me most of these songs are feel good tracks but I wrote them Im biased. So I didnt want everyone to get depressed just to feel me. Thank you that is all for now. More updates coming soon.