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From Iceland to Denmark

After returning from a tour in Iceland we're ready to get organised for touring Germany and Denmark in summer!

Radio 3 (España)

Por todos nuestros fans en España! Sábado 6 de abril entre las 7 y las 8 de la mañana picharán nuestra música en Radio 3. La increible Pilar Azark presentará unas canciones en su programa peligrosamente juntos!! www.rtve.es/peligrosamentejuntos Hasta sábado entonces! D. ps. está grabado aquí por todos lo que no lograron a levantarse esta mañana! www.rtve.es/peligrosamentejuntos

Spain Tour announced for April/may 2013!

Volvemos a España otra vez! Esta vez haremos una gira empezando en Catalunya el 16 de abril, pues Zaragoza, Valencia, Madrid y Galicia! Además nos podéis escuchar en Radio 3! besos y hasta pronto! D.

hæ hæ! folking Iceland!

it feels like i've never been that far north but the the way people here welcomed me and our music was so heart warming that i can almost feel the summer heat... ;)

show at the Kunst&Bühne in Celle

last night was Celle, -what a lovely town! tonight we play in St. Pauli, Hamburg!

Sleepwalker's station live@café St. Gaudy

We'll be playing at café St. Gaudy this thursday! then moving south to good old beautiful Bavaria, playing at the Hide Out in Munich on Friday!

welcome to the folk jungle/vier gewinnt

welcome to the jungle of folk, tonight@kingkongklub, Brunnenstrasse, Mitte! doors:4€ for 4 singersongwriter acts from 4 countries playing for you!

el hidalgo....

¡Válame Dios! dijo Sancho; ¿no le dije yo a vuestra merced que mirase bien lo que hacía, que no eran sino molinos de viento, y no los podía ignorar sino quien llevase otros tales en la cabeza? Calla, amigo Sancho, respondió Don Quijote, que las cosas de la guerra, más que otras, están sujetas a continua mudanza, cuanto más que yo pienso, y es así verdad, que aquel sabio Frestón, que me robó el aposento y los libros, ha vuelto estos gigantes en molinos por quitarme la gloria de su vencimiento

live@soupanova tonight 7th december, 8.30pm

hej! we're playing tonight at the soupanova, Stargarderstr, Prenzlauerberg at 8.30pm. also playing will be Pete (owls of the swamp) and Phia -both brilliant australian singerSongwriters. see you there, Daniel


Sleepwalker's station came to life in 1998 from the womb of the grunge era but increasingly evolved into more acoustic shapes and slowly absorbing all kinds of different influences from mainly folk but also jazz, trip hop, soul, emo and classical music though keeping its original indie "soul".

Since then the line up and home base of the band has changed various times and by now has constitutes a concept not a a band in a traditional frame but rather a network of brilliant musicians scattered across Europe linked by their common passion and the songs, written, performed and rewritten together.

And while the music can be described as guitar and piano based, the cello has always played an important role in characterizing and emphasizing the band's sound. Through the percussion joining in, the sound of the band experienced an up-beat "rythmization" allowing wider differetiated songwriting.