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We are getting it done!

Got the drums and guitars laid down for One Dead! Check out the guitar lead teaser on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KrippledDogz

Jason - News & Philosophy

What is up everyone! Jason here with some updates on what is happening in the KD world. I know there are many of you who had been following the album life cycle, which is coming along slowly but surely. Many thanks to all of you who had already pre-purchased the up and coming "Judgment Day" album. I promise you will not be disappointed. We are taking our time with our producer, Stephen Bogle, to make sure we provide you top quality music.

If you been following us you may have noticed that Jimmy became our new drummer replacing Larry. For the recordings I have handled the drums because if you didn't know already, Jimmy couldn't really play drums. However, over the past 7 months he has worked hard to develop himself to a respectable drummer/singer which isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination.

As a whole, the three of us are more motivated than ever! The feeling that you finally have the right chemistry; that is where we are. Though we had to stop playing live shows for the moment, taking that step back and hitting the woodshed hard, we are developing an amazing three piece performance for our live shows; while making sure that despite our 'limited personnel' we don't shaft you on the recording.

Speaking of which, so everyone understands our philosophy with production is this: we will use every resource, trick, whatever to achieve our goals in recorded music- (but we will play our own instruments and write our own music). Some people seem to have a pet-peeve about bands who sound different live then they do on recording. I don't care. Every great band that ever existed did not sound exactly like they recorded. I am not even concerned about some form of subjective standard of deviation; we sound a certain way as a three piece live and we have a different sound on record. We can't play live forever; we all die at some point. I want to leave behind the best I could do and not what I had to work with given arbitrary asinine protocol (Like recording ourselves to sound exactly as a three piece? To hell with that!!).

Ending this on a lighter note, we are grateful for everyone who supports us and everyway, shape, and form. We really appreciate everyone who has bought our merchandise and help support our efforts by providing much needed capital.

With all that said, let us remember what this effort is all about. We are here to tell the stories from a military vet, family, or friend's point of view.

Remember our wounded... Remember our MIA... Remember our POW's.... Remember our fallen...

-Jason Mancuso

Album Title - "Judgment Day"

We have decided to name our album "Judgment Day". The title song of that name in the album is dedicated to the memory of the Texas Army National Guard 56th Brigade Combat Team that served in Iraq in 2011. One of their missions was convoy escort on the road from Kuwait to Baghdad, referred to by the soldiers as the road to Judgment Day. Thanks guys!

What the Krippled Dogz Think of Politicians!

Listen to "Dark Waters" ... head over to http://www.krippleddogz.com and check out the lyrics. Happy Veterans Day! We put what we believe into music!

Ball Caps Available!

Hey Dogz fans! Just got a limited number of black Krippled Dogz Ball Caps done!

New Shirt in XXL & XXXL Sizes!

I’ve just added a new shirt with XXL and XXXL sizes to my website! Check it out at http://krippleddogz.com

Any Black Sabbath fans out there?

We are building a couple of Black Sabbath songs into our performance. It isn't ready yet, as we are working it in while still keeping a recording schedule.

Music for our Fans!

I have created a special place on our website for all our loyal fans who have pre-purchased the CD! You can listen to the songs we have finished and see what our schedule is.

Five more songs to re-do!

I know so many of y'all have been patient for us to finish so you can buy our music, but we really are working it hard. This album is dedicated to vets, and we want the best we can do with our producer, Stephen Bogle.

Power Trio!

Just jammed the set with Jimmy as drummer AND vocalist .... come and join us and see it happen!