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Your Dogz are getting it Done!

Recording the vocals for the last song in "Grain in the Hourglass" Monday. Go visit our website at www.krippleddogz.com to pre-buy the CD!

Check out our lastest recording!

First the bad news ... we must re-record one of our songs. CD Release will now be July/August. Good news, we've put Heartburn up!

We rocked the house at the Athens Hotel Lounge last night!

Grunt performed with his new Gretsch drum set, the COL brought out the big axe, the 5 string Musicman Stingray both light ble, the Chief with his Red Axe and the Point Man wailed away rocking the place!

Album Artwork started .....

Grain in the Hourglass is still on track for a late spring release! Still reviewing the final mixes and preparing to get the cd mastered. Come listen to us perform!

Grain In The Hourglass News!

The songs are all mixed, and going thru final reviews. We are going to spend the time to make this a great album for you! Still on track for a late spring release.

Tickets For Armed and Ready to Rock!

I now have some tickets for the 26 May Armed and Ready to Rock Benefit! Send me an e-mail and we'll work it out! info@krippleddogz.com.

Armed And Ready to Rock!

Details on our next performance are now available ... we'll be headlining with Maiden USA at the Athens Lounge at the Athens Hotel downtown Houston! Come and support the Wounded Warriors with us, and have a great time listening to some great Rock music!

New Stuff Added to Website!

ol here! Go check out the new stuff over at the web site. Lyrics for the songs on our up-coming album, t-shirts to buy, stuff to see. Let me know if there is anything else you want to see or do!

Old Practice Sessions

I've been going back thru some of our old practice sessions ... the recorder often got left on and recorded some dubious conversations and remarks .... Thouhg to share some of those with you.

Are you not entertained?

Tell us how we can bring you some more rockin' tunes! I will be putting more pics up later.