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What is Success?

What does it mean to have success? Is your band successful? I guess it really depends on your goals. When it comes to DOB I believe we are successful because we accomplish our goals. What are our goals you ask? We want to have fun first and foremost. We care about bringing energy to every show no matter how many people are in front of us. We want every person to leave our show knowing they got their money worth. Mainly we just care about our love for our music. DOB does not care about paying our bills playing music. The music industry these days is nearly impossible to break into and make a lot of money. We all have careers which allow us to play for the love of our music. We have made many great contacts in the past years that really helped us succeed. From great promoters to great friends who simply got us in the door. Awesome club owners who give us the freedom to do what we do. We have acquired countless of loyal fans that follow us to every show and we cherish every one them. Along the way we have also been disappointed by some horrible promoters that have lied, not paid, and put on horrible shows. Not everyone has what it takes I guess. All in all I would say DOB has done well and we will continue to bring good ole fashion Rock N Roll to the people and have stupid fun doing it. So with all of that I am happy to say the Dykes on Bykes is a very successful band because we are happy with what we are doing. We do what want, where we want, and how we want.

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