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With a new year comes new thoughts and paths. 2013 dreams and goals. Who opinon matters ?You say not yet ... keep pushing...get it .. They say enough ..tell all of them ....forget it. .....(ha ha..) Much Love and Respect for those who live outside the box. Lady Hectic---LGIE

The Basics..con

...Its possible to strive and react in an manner in which others have no connection to. Life and its Lessons the approach in which you create your path..the policies and surrounding issues.. The Basic your purpose is your purpose..my purpose is my purpose..having the knownledge to address,react,or not depends on the engery in which resides...I choose

The Basics

Dont create the mess...fix the mess.. Yet those with out morals have no idea. There are un spoken rules that are broken...and those that maintain and follow them do have a longer road... Making the just the un just and the unjust the just...everything that goes up in some way comes down.. yet when you up dont look down on others and when you down always look up past the place you once were...And stick to the basics to filther through those that are , may, and try to be around. Much love to those that follow the unspoken ...and love for those without any morals... Thats Basic...It is what it is and it aint what it aint...And what it is is your morals...your joy...it aint what "they" say Lady Hectic All For The Love Of Music.....


No matter what.....Rules are rules....when they are broken there are reactions...the only thing is what you may believe to be the reaction is not yet what others believes to be the reactions well... Difference....UM....


For some life is a game.. For other the game is life. The difference is are you able to choose or have the choice been made for you. some dont understand that a smile could be..some dont understand that it really could be... yet it is what it aint and it aint what it is...the difference... WHAT POLICIES YOU GO BY.. L.H


With all that comes you must stand your ground. When moves need to take place take them. Know that ones that see better shall get. Ones that only speak will only watch... as those move forward...LETS GET IT...OR LET GO...


another time to reflect on what is going to be not what was as it be. Redirections help discover new ways.. Um...still...understanding with clarity while speaking slow...some still dont get it .. common sense guess you have to be born with it...or not...


and which road you on now.. Many believe that their way is the only way someone can get to the same end. NOOOO.. Do to the fact... the Truth call it what it is... Whats for one is for one whats for some is for some. Depends if you are part of one or follower of some. LETS GET IT ENTERPRISE.... LADY HECTIC FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC..


Another day out and about. Prep. to handle all yeap.. How moments help true....true Lets Get It...


Every so often take a few moments to yourself.. Clearly there are ones who want you to move want you to go want you to do ... Now make your moves work for you...true...true/ much love LADY HECTIC