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We had two great sets at the Seattle Highland Games a few weeks ago. Thanks for the support and feedback from those who saw us.

Jug of Punch is currently working with a wonderful guitarist who's classical, jazz and funk background will make for a really unique sound. We are in a "woodshedding" phase right now with our music, reworking old favorites and adding some new material and gearing up for some recording. Very exciting times around here! We hope to unveil our guitarist friend here quite soon and are sure our listeners will find him to be a very welcome and long awaited addition.

We have at least three shows coming up in October - a winery, a fundraiser and a restaurant. Stay tuned as we lock down those dates. Hope you all will be able to join us.

Cheers! - Kelly

House Party

Thanks to the fantastic audience at the house party gig last night with Jug of Punch. I loved the dancing and singing along. And a huge congratulations to the graduates we were celebrating.

All's Faire recap and Upcoming Shows

We enjoyed a great two days of sets at All's Faire in beautiful Bonney Lake, WA, playing as Banshie. The first day we spent playing in our coats, as it was truly that cold. Sunday warmed up beautifully and we have some nice footage of our sets. I will hopefully be uploading some video clips and photos from it soon.

Mark your calendars for upcoming shows with Jug of Punch! where we'll be focusing on traditional sounds at the Tacoma Highland Games and the King County Highland Games. Come and join us for great food and entertainment, and see many fine looking men in kilts performing feats of valor. :) You really do not want to miss these events!

Thanks and welcome!

Just want to give a shout out to the folks who've fanned me in the last few days. I really appreciate the listening and the feedback. Hopefully it will inspire me to get to work on some of the ideas I have rolling around in my head. I'm thinking of putting together a rendition of an Irish traditional vocal, as well as a little bluegrass. :) Cheers!

St. Patrick's Day!

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate! We had a great show at Seattle Center, followed by a set for a lovely audience at Conor Byrne. I want to give a shout out to the sound person there for doing such a great job for us on a loud and busy day.

McNamara's was fantastic! We kept folks dancing till midnight and really enjoyed the high energy. Those folks know how to have a party.

Anyway, it was a big day for playing and we are currently recovering, getting ready for our later spring and summer shows. Stay tuned for info about upcoming events.

Seattle Center Irish Festival

Really looking forward to playing with Jug of Punch at this venue. We'll be collaborating with Steinway artist Andrew Miller and his fantastic vocal ensemble on a half hour set towards the end of our Jug of Punch show.

I'm very excited about upcoming projects and grateful to those giving me opportunities to create art with them.