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Captains log 82828228 Got to sleep in a little for some needed rest after the gig last night in Houston. Phillip is a great guy and I'm happy he set up the gig last night, and for helping us hustle the equipment out in the less than ideal load out condition. After a little trek across the large expanse of open Texas road, we land once again into weirdsville Austin! Very happy to be back and to get to visit our friends Fifth Nation. Will hang here for awhile, there's a lot of music to jam, record, and plenty of scheming and musing to do. Oh yeah, and showers. Gratitude.


Captains log...881117..Whew...where to begin? Yesterday morning I read a short list a friend of ours posted about the difficulties on the road to success...the doubting yourself, almost talking yourself out of it (your path) etc etc. When we got to the Circle Bar, I was dealing with some anxiety - the place was very small and packed, and I was wondering how I was ever going to get my equipment out from the back to where the performers set up. Luckily we watched Gretna and Paper Bison both play great sets and that distracted my nerves for a couple hours. After setting up, we finally got going and after the 2nd song I felt like the room was electric. The packed, intimate vibe was bristling and I felt like we were all on the same page. We were met with such positivity and support, and it really filled me with so much gratitude - These are the nights you never forget. New Orleans. Thank you for the love. -Trick James


Captains log 76277..mm...despite the heat, I got a little bit of sleep last night. A minor attempt at someone breaking in the van or at least snooping around had stirred my adrenaline, but we moved the campsite to right next to the police station and after I finally settled down I got some rest. It gets hot hear in Louisiana, and we're not even close to the worst of it. We strolled through the French Quarter last night, and accidentally stumbled through the red light district - whoa! Lots of beautiful lights, music...definitely a party town. Time for some coffee and some practice before the gig tonight at Circle Bar.


Captains Log 4987006... After a beautiful night off spent strolling through the spring evening of downtown Mobile AL, we've trekked out of Alabama, through Mississippi, and into perhaps my favorite city in all of America - New Orleans. First destination is a staple for us - grabbing a cup of coffee and settling down for a minute at the Hey Cafe on Magazine Street. Looking forward to tomorrow nights' gig at the Circle Bar with Gretna and Paper Bison. Check back in later. Soon it'll be time to scope out a fresh bowl of gumbo...


Captain's log 3490823....Just rolled in Mobile AL. A refreshingly short drive in comparison to the long haul from Jacksonville to Pensacola. Refreshing to see the Alabama "the Beautiful" again - I had gotten used to the flat expanse and swaps of Florida. Good to see some deer and these trees again. We'll be crashing an open mic here on this pretty Monday day, work out some new tunes and hopefully make some dough for food and gas. We're almost at one of my favorite places in the world - getting pumped for New Orleans tomorrow! -Trick James


Here's the truth!!

Little War Twins, just off a self propelled nine month national tour, went into the studio to create and release their sophmore record . The Boston based mystic rock group released in January 2014 and have announced a four month tour covering the East Coast and Mid-Western US to promote the record. During incubation they began working with visual artist, Alex Carlbon, to add multidimensional projections to their dynamic performances. The DIY duo have announced over thirty dates with more dates to come. Follow their journey to your hometown at: www.littlewartwins.com.

See you at your city soon!!! -The G

Artwork-- Meet Emily Kempf World Dwellers!

We would like to introduce you to the artist who will be behind our upcoming artwork for ++Maya Angelou++

The New Van ::: CHIEF :::

Hey you World Dwellers!

Gaetana here to give you an update on what's happening in LWT world. We have recently outfitted our new van, CHIEF, for living, with a bed that separates in the middle, giving us two benches... what does that mean? YOU CAN CHILL WITH US!!!

This is really exciting, we can finally hang with our friends, fans and have a real home. It made something pop into my head today: Home Sweet Roam. I am so grateful for this time in my life. Recently I have been getting the question "What do you do?". On occasion people kind of look at me a little sideways when I respond with: " I live in a van, touring the country, playing original music and learning more about the people who make up the world.". In the last two months, I have been getting the sideways response more often then before. But I am learning to love and accept this life that the universe has bestowed upon me.

It was truly humbling to help our friends John and Sherrie build the amazing convertible bed I described earlier. With every attempt to help, John would smile and say" Just remember, what goes around, comes around." Sherrie would say "Just pay it forward, just remember to pay it forward." We spent the day talking, laughing, building and getting to know one another. I am forever grateful for their help. Sometimes I still can't believe that the world is filled with amazingly kind people, people who will help you, people who are real, people that are honest and humble. I am grateful for their example and their reflection of the positivity in this world.

They may never get to know how much they just contributed to our life. In fact there are many people in this country, so many I could not even start to list them, that have gotten us to where we are in our lives right now. Here's to a new chapter. Here's to accepting who I am. A traveling musician, with love in my heart, an open mind, and a path that I need not be ashamed of. 3 Thank you all.

Burro Blog writeup and Restore the Music Fest and The Local 662

Check it out! Some words on LWT, Sound and Winter Wave from the Burro Bar in Jacksonville FL!!


What an amazing weekend!

We started it off with our new van: ((( CHIEF )))

Our gratitude for this monsta' mam-a-jam, can not be described in words. For the very first time in 9 months, we can sit up in the van after a nights rest. We have also designed a plan which will make it possible for YOU to come and hang in our ++Medicine Machine++!!

Following our load up and take off, we arrived at the Local 662 in St. Pete, FL. It lays among a main street of mural painted shop signs, encased in brick and velvet stage lines, delivering local ++elevatory++ vibes. Every band exuded indie rock roots, with splashes of experimental tendencies. The night featured: ADJY, PeaceArrow, Halibut and Lua t wait to come back to St Pete and Gainesville!!

Stay tuned for our new music video and some demos, coming out soon!

With love and respect, LWT

The New Mixtape - now up + Festival news

With little room to spare - right up to the wire, we dropped our new record - a mixtape called

It features a 4 track mini-EP that resulted from our recording session at Fresh Produce Studios in Philadelphia, live recordings from our first US tour - in Seattle WA and Boston MA, and some 'classic' LWT singles we want to keep out in the world.

Listen/Stream/Download for free (or for donation) here: www.LittleWarTwins.com/music

We're also excited to announce we will be performing at Restore The Music Festival in Gainesville FL on Saturday February 22nd. A portion of proceeds will benefit VH1 Save The Music Foundation who dedicates to restoring instrumental music education in America's public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child's complete education.

Check out our Tour Dates page for current Florida dates and for future tour plans to develop.

with love & respect,