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Like a Storm

"Like a Storm" is now up and available to download here at Reverb Nation... as well as some other places. ~ Joe ~ TanGenT

In My Death Dream

In My Death Dream Is now available at Reverb Nation

A new track is in the making

TanGenT are in the early stages of creation of a brand new track. This is so early that although some lyrics are written along with some music the track remains unnamed. Watch this space for updates... And don't forget... Please "like" these pages... http://www.tangent-tgt.co.uk/ ~ Metal Up !!! (\/W\/) Joe ~ TanGenT

New to these pages

TanGenT-TGT are quite new here. If you get a chance give us a listen or look (Video) and maybe fan us.

Hello to all

I beleive in music and that as much as it can be it should be free. Regards to everyone, JW ©TanGenT-TGT