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Muddy Waters could feel this pain

Well, School has eaten up about 90% of my time, and the other 10% goes to sleeping off the thinking and homework. I was never the brightest star in the solar system when it came to school work, and by God does it show in my work. I've been looking into having my stuff professionally recorded, but the way things are looking; with no job in sight and school dominated my life at the moment, it looks like it might be no dice for a while. Audacity is not a program for music. Let me state that again just so everyone can feel my frustration with the program as a musical recording program that is FREE. AUDACITY IS NOT A PROGRAM FOR MUSIC. Other than typical teenage school issues, and financial issues, the days have been going good.

I just got together with the most amazing girl, who seems to be the center of my inspiration right now with finishing the album "The Lazy Days" which I have been 'Lazying it up' to get into the album by taking as much time as possible by emerging myself into sleeping and doing nothing but meditating and feeling my music. Feels good man, feels good.

With no more news in sight at the time, it looks like that wraps up this post, keep in tune (Drop D if you please) and let me know if you have anything for me as usual (gigs, opportunities, deals, anything that can potentially help me and you both out.)

A little somthing different...

I am currently co-authoring a book series one of the titles "Rush", a science-fiction thriller of an underground civilization under post apocalyptic America, where the people know nothing of the area above and probably won't for generations to come. It is hidden from them by the higher society, The social classes are split up by money. The main protagonist Nathan Hughes, a curious civilian unlike many with separate sets of insight as the sinful people of "Rush", finds the secrets that the higher society is keeping from the rest of the city, as he strives to find the real truth, the character faces catastrophic turmoil, deceit, love, lust, abandonment, death, and adventure, on his journey to the world above. The book I am authoring myself is one titled "Night's Fire", a book which I will give more information on later in it's development. Another project I am currently working on involves game making. I am currently programming a First Person Shooter based off of "Rush" the book I am co-authoring. I will upload the theme song I am making for it in the late summer.

Keep up to date because updating this blog will be something that becomes daily.

New songs

I actually put some planning into a few songs, I've deleted my songs off reverb because I'm going to upload my newer ones. I've also been working with a bunch of hip hop songs and I'll be posting on my Redemption album one Flobots similar song, yes you heard me I'm posting a rap. Likabause

Times and Life of a busy teenage boy

Even though I wish I could sit back and practice cause and make more and more music at home, I'm starting to realize I need to get out of here and get some better equipment, I have no clue what to do because I have no money. I'm getting by on an acoustical guitar I found by the road(miracle) it's not bad, few scratches,was missing two strings, and I decided to fix it up. I'd love to get a new amp and a new electric guitar, because let's face it; you can't really make it with a Peavey rockmaster and a tiny half blown out generic amp. I'm trying not to really worry about it, music is pretty much my only path in life being as my grades suck harder than the moral ethics of cheating an old lady out of a 5 dollar tip on a 8 dollar meal.(Don't ask it's a separate story all togeather)And I don't think it's cool to fight it. I wish there were more places needing my talents nearby that I could make some extra scratch.. Nothing too big time, I'd play with my hat out if I had to hah. What I am going to do is probably look again at the two songs I uploaded because I know I can do some things to them to ... pretty them up a little more. I mean I'm working with Audacity, and a 1 dollar mic, all I have to say to the people who think this crap is hard... It's not. I'm an amateur to all of the computer based parts though still learning, like Audacity, I hate it.