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What Up

Hi, I'm Ocean Veau...me & my friend Super Bueno have an album coming out soon entitled "Time"...It will feature mostly a bunch of mixed material. This material is unlike anything I've previously done before. I wanted to try something different because I was getting bored with just making the same music over and over. I figured I should just make everything that I love. I guess I thought I could only be a fan with certain genres, but that is untrue because that is exactly how I started rapping. Playing the guitar probably falls into this category as well now that I remember. I was a fan at first and always will be but, I felt this would be a big challenge for me since I have never really attempted anything other than rock and hip hop. Since the album has been in progress everything feels new again...even when I go back to incorporating what I use to make all the time, it feels new..I guess thats what i wanted to feel again that exciting feeling when your ears hear something for the first time. Now for the first time in my career I feel like I know what I really wanna do..lol..I think I just figured out how to keep the ball rolling or whatever...Anyway it feels good and so do I...Much LOVE to everybody out there!!....Enjoy the Veau..Pz