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Music is my Life!!!`

I wake up in the morning and it's (music) the first thing on my mind, how can I get a little further ahead today?? I really feel like I don't just want to be in the music industry for the fame or the money!!! It's so much bigger than that, it's really about making music that can change lives and music that can be felt again. When I listen to the radio now I don't feel anything, no inspiration or love and compassion all you feel is the club the bling the fight just frivilous things that really don't matter and I want to make the kind of music that does matter. Everyday life and situations that we really go thru. I don't know if I am the only one in the world to feel this way but I tell you someone has got to do something and do it now! So that is my mission to change the face of music!!! And if for some reason I never make it to mainstream (which I doubt) but if, I want the world know that I died trying to change the face of music, and may the legacy be carried on forever!!!!

What I Feel for Music!!!!!

Wow, is what I say to how much time I have dedicated to music!! Sometimes it truelly blows my mind that I eat, think, and breathe music all the time. And what my only real hope in life is that someday this music reaches the masses and can help people through whatever they are going through. I went to the an audition the other day and saw so many talented individuals, and I could only wonder if they felt the way about music that I do. So I talked to people and learned that what I feel for music is unique and different. Some people just want to be in the business and it's all about the money, but I now realize that if this was just about the money for me then I would have quit a long time ago. I do it cause I love it and it moves physically, mentally,emotionally, and spiritually! "What GOD have given to me he gave to me" Passion for Music!!!!!!!! Not everyone has it not everyone can understand it but it's all me!! I have reall passion for songwriting and music and I will never stop until the masses have come know and love the music I bring!!!!4everLoveMusic!!!!!!

What up World

It's ya girl Shai Lanae and I would love to thank everybody for all the support and love that my music has received! It's time for something new in the music industry with a blast from the past that made us all love music! In the music that I make you will take a ride with me through lifes journey that I have walked myself and through situations that we all have experienced and are experiencing now! I hope that you stay tuned to Shai Lanae and all that I have to offer to Music.