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Life goes on

I worked on this song for a while. I think that the final sound reflects the title of the song..

Inspirational Apo festival

This festival in the forest of Colorado was off the hook! So inspirational to create new styles of electronic music. Thank you all who participated!

Another success with Solnce!

I just finished mixing and mastering an inspiring song thanks to Solnce Vera Ostrova. We are really being watched over by angels! Thank you Solnce!! Check out Angelic games..

Collaboration with Danya River!

Just finished mixing and mastering song Grateful with wonderful vocalist Danya River! You can hear more of her amazing voice here: http://www.danyariver.com/home.cfm Thank you Danya!!


You are my mind, you are my soul, you rest in my heart and sing to my joy.