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Thunderstorm Shower

Thunderstorm Shower

Woke up heard pounding in the dark night Thunder Lightning Bolts and Cracking Light Pounding on my roof a Thunderstorm Shower a summer’s night In the Midnight hour Night of the Mandrell ghost


Monster Within

Monster within Saw you way up there within the darkened sky you really are a monster ugly girl with one red eye

Saw your mental creamery like bodies in a morgue inside I saw the monster Little girl Holly the whore

THE word is out about you My eyes no longer blink Don't know what the damned are thinking But I think now this whole thing stinks

At night there is no sun Hell is what I see This course has met it's run Yea my life is ruined for me But wait a minute what's really wrong here not drugs I'm takin in could it be this malfunction past the brain wall of my mind skin

I'm a deer in some dark spotlight - Put me in some dark spotlight Some deer in the full fright You know I'm stunned by what I've said Now I feel like I should be dead

Bugs under my brain skin delusional thoughts within oh what a poor mind at Harrisburg state confined It's the Monster within http://www.supernaturalgears.org

HEX FILE GEARS - Strong electrical current flying from my fingertips

HEX FILE GEARS - Electricity strong electric current flying from my fingertips - Getting really strange. Everything I touch especially metal objects sparks with a strong electrical current fly from fingertips to the object giving me a shock. Can hardly put keys in the car door. It's like a bolt of lighting flying from my fingertip. When I shake hands or touch someone they get shocked. It seems like my body is like some kind of Static electrical generator. Tried different clothing thinking maybe that will stop it. Doesn't work. Hopefully it doesn't get stronger where I touch something and get electrocute - See HEX FILE GEARS Lenny http://supernaturalgears.org/hex-hollow.html

Thoughts on Healthcare

Bring in signal payer like the rest of the modern civilized world. You only have this turmoil because the rich elite Oligarch's in control of our lives are trying to work their way around the health part and are only concerned with getting money from their mob style lobbyists big pharma and insurance companies. Insurance has always been a mob industry. These politicians are biased in their policy making. They all benefit from passing laws in their favor not yours. Medicine is going the way of all professions though with robotics ai intelligence. There will basically be no jobs in the future even Surgery is being done by Robots. It will soon be a Freegan world many predict by 2040. The Oligarch's know this and are doing as much as they can get away with to hold on to their empires of dirt. But like castles made of sand everything falls to the sea eventually. They need to be thinking about the brave new world ahead of us instead of trying to backtrack to please coal miners which of course coal mining is robotic and those human jobs are never coming back.

Trump / Putin / Bannon / Stalinist, Oligarch Demonic infestation a Coup

This Trump / Putin / Bannon / Stalinist, Oligarch Demonic infestation a Coup d'état of our government that has taken place by the KBG and the Russian Federation. Trump will never be my president and I will never support Bannon or Putin who want to ruin america under the rule of a Fascist Dictatorship Stalin style. Bannon who is Trumps top adviser makes it well known he's a Stalinist who wants tear down the state and all our institutions. Welcome to the New World Order. Trump supporters who seem to like to be called deplorables can bow down to the one they serve and in the end if this infestation continues will get what they deserve. Oligarch Dictatorship. Your guns will be taken away for sure under Stalinist rule. My Pres? You can count me out.

Spiritualilty of a song. Commerciality of the performer

I believe the spirituality of a song is more important now than ever much more so than the culture of the cult of personality, tattoos, fashion persona or good looks of the performer although good looks is still important in the commercial world of touring where money can still be made these days in music entertainment business. Virtual Spiritual song force is the purpose in this new music economy because you can't sell songs anymore. Reaching the soul because you can't reach the wallet. Everyone expects to hear music for free. Music now more than ever needs to be a supernatural force that can reach deep into the soul beyond time and space to make change in consciousness in a world that is becoming more and more virtual separate with interactions. Most of today's performers exists only for the commercial moneymaking elements using fashion and being famous for being famous instead believing in the beauty of the song. This currently happened with Kardashian being on the cover of Rolling Stone. The new purpose of songwriting is not to make money but to write songs that reaches beyond the here and now traveling through time with a beauty that transcends culture moving it's beauty into the soul of the listener for eternity like the minstrels of old whose beautiful songs traveled down through the centuries passed from minstrel to minstrel. The song Lady Greensleeves is one of those songs. Wow that was deep. LOL

Russian Cyber warfare attack invasion going on

INDUSTRIaL PHaNTaSM ROCK SONG ELECTRIC CaNNIBaL. With the Russian Cyber warfare attack invasion going on. Recently they found a virus in the energy grid. Last night they hacked into the senate confirmation hearings and turned the lights off when they were discussing Russia. Then, on C-Span showing the confirmations when talking about Russia, "RT" Russian television cut off C-Span for around 10 minutes and Russian television was being shown. Wow. Wonder if they have access to the Nuke codes? I think Putin may soon show up on TV and announce the coupe takeover. Their Electric Cannibal from Russia is traveling through the electric pipelines and may soon eat us alive. https://youtu.be/6AWEJgZM_0Y?list=PLyGfpWCdseCAK9ZmW9zxzizSxeKOlr-an

Cloaked Starship

Cloaked Bubble Bee alien Starship sitting in field beside my house. Given this navigation number 88800000000I9I969 http://www.supernaturalgears.org/mysterious-fog.html#.WC8j1aInlNU.twitter

Lady Lion & Straw Woman

Jakob: Let me tell you this. I had a dream last night. I woke up laying in bed naked and beside my bed was a little witch lady with a small black cute witches hat on. Beside her were 3 girls dressed in these sexy outfits from the wizard of oz. They were the female versions of the Lady Lion, Straw woman and Tin woman. But dressed very sexy... The witch told me that she was taking me home. To tap my toes three times. I said where is home? She said you are our favorite and you`ll learn more and that you are going home.. http://www.supernaturalgears.org


Music Minstrel Primeveire. JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY Conspiracy Rural Rock Opera. SONG/VIDEO by Donna Nye​

I had heard from the Blood Moon Clan Minstrels that Primeveire was in the area. She had traveled the reincarnation route and was seen playing at a nightclub in Hex County. Primeveire belonged to was a traveling Minstrel in the Blood Moon Clan Music Guild all through the Dark ages. I met her when the black death germ warfare development by the blood drinking Dracs Draonians ( also known as Vampires, Reptilian Dracs is where the Vampire myth came from only it's real. Shape shifting Dracs changing into humans, animals, blood drinking vampire bats ) Germ warfare was spreading ravaging Europe the black death. I had to see for myself if the story was true. Was Primeveire in the Hex Belt area. Log entry….ENTRY 8iUYT0mNMB….continued Go too link…..http://supernaturalgears.org/minstrel-primeveire.html