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MAY 27

So its been a while since we have posted.its basically the last thing on our minds to blog. This is because we are making more and more new music for all your listeners in RADIO LAND.SO, we have a headliner show at the curtain club on may 27 and we are super stoked about it.This is because we have new material and goodies to give out to the crowd.Its going to be pretty cool

well that sums it up see you there BWC


Well okay so we know we told you month after month, buttttt we lied lol. To be completely honest alot has happend to us.Like we got a new bass player, the lads name is Lee Ray.Plus we are going to be playing on January the 8th for a Battle of the Bands concert. We know we will be seeing lots of familar faces.Also, RJ might buy every fan one free drink, who knows? Any way, we have practice tonight, so talk to yall soon

The start

We are going to start writing down our progess month by month, just to let everyone how we are coming along This month is slow. But we are still going strong. We made a couple of new songs and are just about ready to hit the studio again. Cant wait till farris gets back.