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June 10, 2008

Dear ReverbNation visitors,

Today is my birthday.

So, among other things scheduled for today, I thought I would initiate a cHrIsToPhEr QuInN Blog here at ReverbNation.

I am something of a late bloomer; so, after years of ghost writing and pseudonym forays and waiting in the wings (hiding from the spotlight as it were), I have decided to start releasing album CDs, starting toward the end of 2008, through 2009, and onward from there.

For me, it will be interesting to see which album I release first. I have authored and co-authored over 1,000 songs; some I am not allowed to divulge (works for hire), some of which were lost (a guy named "Floyd" ended up with hundreds in a briefcase) and stolen (and copyrights claimed by others), and some of them are restricted and I am not yet allowed to release my own work due to (petty, even crazy) legal reasons. Some of my best work only friends get to hear. But even so, when I can write/compose over 100 songs per year, I have the capacity to release something worthwhile now and then.

I had been holding out - first, hoping I could re-record much of my work in topflight professional studios with top engineers and session players; and next, hoping that one of my collaborative albums (that has some of my best lyric, vocal melody and vocal work on it) would be released; but I may have to wait until my collaborator (who used the music for a much lesser, forgettable project after the fact) has a life-changing epiphany or dies - but I weary of such arbitrary stipulations.

I am going to get the songs I want to release done as best as I can with what limited tools I have to record with; and start releasing CDs and MP3s for sale online.

I will also collaborate long-distance, via mail and the internet to evolve other albums.

I work faster than other people; so I can do as many projects as my access to technology, funding and personnel allows.

So... with whatever time I have left, and whatever freedoms remain on Earth, I am intent upon (as of today) getting my recorded songs and performances out - so others can hear, buy and enjoy them (hopefully in perpetuity).

I thank you for taking the time to listen to my work and for reading my blogs.


Christopher Quinn "Have songs, will sing!" http://www.reverbnation.com/christopherquinn