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A moment of emotion and really being a human in this world.

In this life I have, I never intended or expected to inspire, motivate, or mean so much to people. When my grandfather died when I was 4 years old, I was left directionless and all out in the world fending for myself. I didn't have a clique or a crew during those days, all I was only proud of was the material I had. I was basically living a life where I came in, did my thing, and never expected much from others. But as I got older, especially as people got to know me better all these years and this hoopla, I noticed I made such a big impact in their lives and motivated them to become better people and I was respected and loved for all that jazz. In this life when it happened, I didn't know what to think! I never intended to or expected myself to be a part of something, after all I've dealt with coming of age at such an early part in life. When I met all the right people in my life who credited me with either inspiring them to be a better person or motivating them, whether it be my friendship or my music, it really touched me. I teared up a bit like a real man does when that did happen, but it also gave me the word that there are people who do love and respect me and thanked me for all the things I've done for them.

Patrick Lew finally has his own band website officially!

My one-man band now officially has a band website. Check it, check it.

It's gonna be called www.patrick-lew.com in a bit. Finally there's a legit website dedicated to anything Patrick Lew and his rock and roll.


Heavy Sigma teaser via blog. This is what I might record.

Listening to some good ol' Ventures! Instrumental blues rock at its finest. I guess I don't always or really need all that hi-gain distortion and overdrive when recording my guitars. I'm intending to keep my one-man band Heavy Sigma an instrumental punk/blues rock one-man band.

Heavy Sigma EPK

Heavy Sigma is a San Franciscan punk rock band. Led by Asian American rock guitarist and songwriter Patrick Lew, Heavy Sigma puts music together in Patrick's bedroom. Afterwards, the band puts music online and shares it for everybody to hear, support, or massively hate! You're looking at the real Heavy Sigma page right now! Patrick cares deeply about his fan base, and always strives to maintain close connections and relationships with their audience on their Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and other websites! So feel free to strike a conversation, download the sh*** demos, share the website with your close ones, and check out this website for the latest updates, blogs, demos, everything else!

1) band name: Heavy Sigma

2) hometown: Antioch, California, USA

3) genres: Indie Rock, Punk, Lo Fi

4) years active: 2009-present

5) labels: Anti Nonsense Networking (worldwide)

6) website: http://www.reverbnation.com/heavysigmaband http://www.facebook.com/heavysigma

7) band members: Patrick Lew - Guitar, Vocals, His Computer

BIO Starting out by aimlessly jamming in his own bedroom with then-limited experience and education in playing music, creating his own brand of Garage Punk. He recorded his first demo tape in 1999 with a schoolmate named Tommy, and in May 2001, Patrick Lew began promoting his music on the Internet as a solo rock musician or in his freelance garage bands. Unlike most of his contemporaries in San Francisco, his sidemen band were interracial and inter-gender. Alongside, displaying more 80's and early 90's hard rock and Seattle grunge inspirations fused with contemporary punk. Lew also adopted a part Mod, part Hippie, and trendy Asian pop culture image. But later replaced it with more a casual mature look.

Lew mainly created music, freelanced with other musicians in the Bay Area community in garage bands, and busked free low-key gigs locally in bars, churches, high schools, even outside in downtown San Francisco.

One of his most notable moments during his brief time as a live performing Garage Punk band was opening up for the all-girl SF pop punk trio Tinkture, Scarlett Bombs, and former lead guitarist Eddie Blackburn's other band Nocturnal Rock Turtles during a 2007 local tour across recreational centers sponsored by KLC Productions.

Some time in 2008, Lew no longer performed live gigs with temporary jam bands and assembled a homegrown rock band in his own bedroom with Internet and computers, to create his own music alone. Despite many troubles, Lew persisted and determined himself to improve as an artist, songwriter, guitar player, and musician after years of being deemed "awful" as a musician playing and making rock & roll music given the lack of experience at the time playing guitar and creating music. He devoted more time to other extracurricular side projects, such as The P & G. And because of consistent expansion through the social-media, Lew finally receive slight recognition for his efforts and earned some online fame as a musician. Becoming somewhat of a critical moderate success in the underground rock and roll scene across the universe, and attracts a cult-like following via Internet based on persistence and uniqueness.


One thing I'm ready for. Opening up positive moments and people in my future. I am bound and determined to make my satisfaction of life and experiences to its fullest!


Haters, naysayers, and my rivals are my motivators.

It was a hard life, but it only motivated me to become a better person for myself and others that are real about what I do. It's too long to explain, but whatever I gone through pretty much served as a life lesson and ambition to be on top of my game.

Patrick Lew

If you love a band and their music. Support them!

If you really love a band, you should buy their records or find the time to see them play a show. You show most support for musicians in bands by buying their records, going to their shows, and even buying special magazines written about them. I do all three, so I know I'm supporting and loving the band and their music.

My thoughts about politics...

I don't know if I'm gonna be voting for anyone this year for President. I am somewhat apathetic about politics, but more uninterested in talking about it.

Haven't been doing YouTube lately. Why??

I haven't updated my YouTube in awhile. Not much of a YouTuber. Plus there's too much garbage to rummage through in the comments section in any video. I rather just watch videos and not get myself involved with the whole YouTube circle.


The unlikeliest of what I've accomplished.

I never expected to change anybody's lives as a musician or friend. I was cooped up in my own world for quite so long. I've met a few people who told me that I've inspired them and changed or motivated their lives. It's an overwhelming yet meaningful situation. For years, I never expected or intended to change anybody's life for the better. But there were some people I've met who told me that I've motivated them partly to become better people. That's rock and roll for ya.