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The struggle inspired me to become a better musician.

I was a pretty angry young man growing up. I used to be the nicest guy who was nice to everybody pretty much. When I started going to Rooftop, that shit changed. Years of turmoil of what people said or done to me affected me deeply growing up, and caused me to be a very angry person who aspired to become a rock star and musician. Well it's 2012 now, and I accomplished a somewhat degree for myself as a one-man band. Pretty much in 20 years from now, those people who pulled that stuff disappeared into obscurity and won't be doing anything special like I will be. Rocking and rolling, inspiring lives, and maintaining my reputation as the best at what I do. :)

I intend to keep Heavy Sigma a one-man band.

Heavy Sigma isn't really a band. It's a crazy Asian lad with a guitar and laptop, and producing half-decent rock and roll music. And posting the sucker online. I intend to keep Heavy Sigma exclusively a solo project. Now if I were in a real band, it be totally different and I limit my leadership with any band I am a part of. I sure wouldn't call my real band with 4 members Heavy Sigma, that's for sure...

Believe it or not, I can't really read music.

I might play guitar well to some ears, but I actually do not know how to read or write music. Then again, a lot of great musicians you've probably heard of don't know how to read or write music either. I do all my composing and guitar playing either by ear, improvising, and memory. Occasionally, I use guitar tablature to play something here and there...

NUMBER ONE local punk band for 7 weeks! Quite an accomplishment.

After 7 weeks, I'm now bumped back to #2 on the local punk charts on ReverbNation.com for my solo project Heavy Sigma. I did the impossible however, I was on top of the Contra Costa County punk music charts for nearly two months! It doesn't f***ing matter if I'm popular as a musician or not, I got sh*** to back up my integrity as a legitimate artist in indie rock.

11 years of heartbreak and triumph! I am now indie record label status.

As of March 20, 2012, I've been a part of the artist roster for my indie record label Anti-Nonsense Networking. I broke my back for 11 years to pay my dues doing this music shit. I might be lacking some ideas as a musician and songwriter right now in the studio, but I guarantee you won't see the last of Patrick Lew until a very long time from now! Pure rocker. Pure musician. Yup!

I'm taking some time to create new music. But I won't quit! It just takes time.

New musical ideas postponed once again. Need to patiently think and compose creatively this time around. It's not gonna be easy when you've created about 325 recordings of mostly unfinished/unpublished or few half-decent music in your lifetime, and have to still give it your best and have some tricks up your sleeves when being creatively distinct and find ways to follow-up strongly with your own music and vision. I do play my guitar usually in my own home recording studio, with the needed gear and laptop in hand. But it's taking more time than usual. I will as always, let you guys know when a song or piece of music is completed and not aborted.


Warning. Think real hard before liking or following Patrick Lew's music.

I use social-media like my Heavy Sigma and PLB Army pages on Facebook as a personal blog and essential band website without pulling too much personal jib jab and keeping the people who "liked" these two pages posted with quick re-caps in the studio, jamming with peeps, or when I'm not heavily involved with the music scene relaxing. Especially if you're a true fan of my music and work. Occasionally, you will see meme photos and relevant links as a personal Tweet but nothing too explicit.

I usually give fair warnings in advance, that my music and rock star network isn't for everybody so take that with a grain of salt before making a lifelong position as a TRUE Patrick Lew fan and friend. The reason for not overbearing too many explicitly personal postings or Tweets on here is to avoid causing chaos and stuff like that.

I have a main Facebook timeline for myself personally, but be warned if you add me on there as a friend. I do not take negative responses on my social-media jibber jabbers lightly, and some of the content will be slightly more revealing at times, and if you do unfriend me. It means you blew your chances of being a part of the most awesome fan club for a local musician who aspires to promote positive vibes and bringing the greater good. It's like a permanent stain.

My tribute as posted on the Nirvana website.

Love or hate Nirvana, I wrote this tribute/homage during the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind. It's published on their official website as of now. RIP Kurt.

"Nirvana's Nevermind changed my life growing up back in the early 90's! Before Nirvana, I was mainly listening to Beatles and Stones through my mom. With Nirvana and other great 90's rock bands like Pearl Jam, I finally found something I could identify with at my age and they were the reason I began picking up the guitar and playing music in local bands! I owe that to Nirvana's Nevermind! The day I heard them on the radio in the early 90's, my life changed forever."

When I was your age 10 years ago...

When I was your age we had Friendster and the early old school MySpace. Now we have Facebook, Twitter (I like to call it Twat-book), and some other lesser notable social-media sites like Google Plus. And no one uses Friendster or MySpace anymore, the latter only if you're promoting a band or your artistic kinds of stuff. Well I'm 27 years old, I was there man...


If you take Patrick Lew too seriously in a bad way, you're missing out.

I never intended to push the buttons of the peeps to make their false presumptions or questionable actions towards me. I'm just being pure and being me. I am just this rebellious yellow guy attempting to make a niche for myself in this challenging business, and having a kick at it being who I am in life. It's pretty funny, I'm doing things that are being true to myself. And most cats take it the wrong way and act like I'm this really demonic person onstage and in the social-media. It is pretty whatever to me.