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Heavy Sigma / Blog

I'm mostly a studio band. I still earn fame doing it.

I make music for home entertainment purposes like someone would go see a movie at a theater or at home on their DVD player. Like a Hollywood movie, everything is already recorded for the peeps and I am trying to make music as a studio band trying to be as exciting as a rock and roll concert, since I have no band and I don't usually play shows because of that. Some of the music I make is also too sophisticated to do onstage, because it requires more than just a rock trio to do it. Being a studio musician like Steely Dan in this one-man band is what it's like kind of right now.

Enjoy the music peeps! Don't forget to share this page and tell people to like my band and keep the 100% support for local music.



I intend Heavy Sigma as a primitive multimedia project alongside a one-man band. I want everything and everyone who follows Heavy Sigma online and here in the Bay Area to be connected to the music in the long run, and using the social-media as a way of telling a story about the band and to make people's lives better and encouraging these people I motivated to make a difference.

The reason why I don't give out details about my private life on any website is because I want the audience to focus more on the music rather than me as a person. In the end, there will be audio recordings, photography, and things written about my music online and in the press. I don't think what I do outside music is important for anyone to know.

Oh yeah! I've been contemplating a return to busking and live performing some time in the near future too. Catch me somewhere playing my music when it happens.


Some plans I have for the music in 2013!

Expect some new demos and the occasional promotional appearance electronically by yours truly, Patrick Lew, in 2013. Despite the absence of a working band or shows to do, I am gonna use my time to deliver some teasers for all of you in the studio.

I probably need an actual band, much more practice, and good connections with clubs locally to play a show. Until then, I'm right now a studio musician in a one-man band.

Some plans for the new year of 2013. :)


Changes in my musical approach.

I'm aware I'm getting older and almost 30. I intend to tone down my schedule as a musician when it comes to recording and live performing, I will always do it though whenever. Making music is always gonna happen, but I'm not intending to do music over and over again to appeal to tweens and teens and to be popular. I'm gonna grow and make music for the sake of it whenever I'm ready. I hit that certain age where serious opportunities in music are not expected, so I will use my time to make music while spending time with family and close friends.


I am sincere and understanding when it comes to your situation.

If you need someone to talk to and understand 100% when it comes to your everyday problems and challenges in life, I'm the guy you can go up to whenever you need to vent or when it comes to having your back and understanding where you're coming from. I keep all those long deep conversations private, but coming from a guy who's been through a lot over the years, I've come to a point where I'm no longer self-absorbed and will do anything to make other people's lives better.


Voyager CD Edit

Recently, I re-edited the official track list for my new album Voyager in my home studio when making my home-made CD's. I didn't like the demo I did on ProTools, "Compromiser, Part Two" as the second track on the CD and I took it out plus replaced it with two new tracks I worked on this year in the studio ("Iron Fist" and "Sympathy For The Outsider"). Now the album Voyager has 12 pieces of music, track list updated and ready to sell to the masses.

The power of music is in me...


Musical Gear

My musical gear. I use this equipment as a Bay Area musician...

GUITARS: - Epiphone HotWheels Les Paul - Excel Stratocaster - Excel Les Paul (NEEDS REPAIR)

BASSES: - Rogue LX205B Bass Guitar

AMPS: - Fender 25R Frontman - Marshall MG10

PEDALS: - Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion - Digitech RP50 Multi-Effects - Digitech Death Metal Distortion

RECORDING GEAR: - Line6 TonePort Silver DI - Peavey XPort DI - Line6 POD Farm - Acoustica Mixcraft 4 - REAPER (x64) - Toshiba PC Laptop

Patrick Lew Accolades

Awards & Certifications 2004 -- "Rookie Band of the Month" @ Soundclick.com 2007 -- "Artist of the Year" @ Dmusic.com 2011 -- "2nd Most Famous Bay Area Musician/Band" @ ReverbNation.com (Rock Genre) 2011 -- B.A. in Philosophy and Music @ California State University, East Bay. 2012 -- "Number One Bay Area Punk Musician/Band" @ ReverbNation.com 2012 -- Secured a distribution deal with indie label ANN with the band Heavy Sigma.

Patrick Lew

Attention to those idiots who unfriend/unfollow me on the social-media.

To the people who unliked this page. No offense to all you guys, but you blew it big time since I am such an awesome guy and so persistent in life and when it comes to my music. You guys suck big time and are not welcomed back to my backyard. But for the people who kept their support for me, you guys are worth giving thanks for and all the appreciation for putting up with me and having my back.

To summarize it, the real people who have my back deserve my appreciation and thanks. The people who don't, never again.


Band EPK

Born in Concord, California, Heavy Sigma is an indie rock duo that features loving interracial couple and aspiring passionate musicians Patrick Lew and Faith Marie. Patrick Lew was playing locally in the Bay Area music scene with a series of post-hardcore and punk bands as a guitarist since he was a teenager. While modestly recognized in his hometown, Patrick's music got more recognition and critical acclaim when he began posting his band's music on the Internet. Faith Marie has been involved with the West Texas choir and local theater since childhood, and plays drums and makes electronic dance music in her spare time. When Patrick and Faith became a serious long-distance and lifelong couple in late 2009 despite some ups and downs, they also created music as a duo electronically on their laptops. Heavy Sigma can be described as a solo project or one-man band for Patrick, but Faith has some input with how the music should be presented on the social-media like Facebook and how his and her music should sound. Mainly a project where the duo makes music in the comfort of their own house through guitars and electronics digitally, that success that Patrick Lew sought after for so long became more of a reality when Heavy Sigma consistently posted their music online and got their friends on their Facebook pages to pay closer attention to their band. So far, the band has recorded two albums: Oddities (2012) and the recently published dubstep/hard rock epic Taiwanese Rebels. Because of their persistence and attempts to get Heavy Sigma out there, the couple landed a distribution deal with Pacific Northwest based record/management label Anti-Nonsense Networking, and continue to soldier on with more music to make, a very light schedule, and all the creativity that these adoring lovers can possess in the Bay Area music scene through the indies.