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So moving!

This brought tears to my eyes. :( It's so heartwarming. There are people who bring back the good in humanity.


Patrick Lew Concert Chronology (Part 2)


All performances by Patrick Lew, Zack Huang, Cory Gaitan, and David Arceo.

March 12, 2007: City College SF, San Francisco, California March 17, 2007: City College SF, San Francisco, California March 21, 2007: Mission Recreational Center, San Francisco, California (Eddie re-joins the band onstage for this day's performance on lead guitar) March 28, 2007: City College SF, San Francisco, California April 12, 2007: Mission Recreational Center, San Francisco, California (Eddie re-joins band onstage once again for one extended encore) May 25, 2007: Civic Center Auditorium, San Francisco, California (joint performance between Band of Asians and Eddie's new band Nocturnal Rock Turtles. This is Eddie's final performance with the band) August 10, 2007: Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco, California (unplugged show) August 11, 2007: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California (largest crowd Lew performed to date. Was on the second stage of a local indie music festival put together by KLC Productions). August 29, 2007: Jackson Theater, San Francisco, California October 10, 2007: City College SF, San Francisco, California (this was Zack and Cory's final performances with Lew in the band. And Zack's final appearance as a group member on keyboards. This would also be Lew's final public performance full-time, he would return nearly three years later)


September 1, 2009: CSU East Bay, Hayward, California (promotional event on campus for Human Rights. Lew performed one song alone and announced plans for his album "Let It Rise And Against" during a press conference)


February 9, 2011: CSU East Bay, Hayward, California (Lew's return to live performing sporadically. This performance also became a viral YouTube video) April 15, 2011: Patrick's House, Antioch, California May 26, 2011: Patrick's House, Antioch, California May 31, 2011: Golden Hills Club, Brentwood, California June 2, 2011: Patrick's House, Antioch, California (first performance with guitarist/keyboardist Greg Lynch onstage. Billed under the moniker "P and G") June 13, 2011: Barnes & Noble, Brentwood, California (busking performance outside the bookstore with Greg and Patrick) June 26, 2011: Patrick's House, Antioch, California (house party performance. Also became a viral document online) August 6, 2011: Chichibu Park, Antioch, California (picnic busking performance thrown by friends in town) August 10, 2011: Patrick's House, Antioch, California


February 4, 2012: Dolores Park, San Francisco, California (advertised event by DJ Kevin Sparkle for three days as a mini festival locally. Lew and Arceo were invited to perform with DJ Kevin at the park, performing extended EDM jams and improvisations).

Patrick Lew Concert Chronology (Part 1)


All with Eddie Blackburn and Tommy Loi.

June 13, 2001: Eddie's House, San Francisco, California June 30, 2001: Pier 30/32, San Francisco, California (second show was a busking performance at Vans Warped Tour 2001) September 23, 2001: YMCA Chinatown, San Francisco, California December 15, 2001: Raoul Wallenberg High School, San Francisco, California (talent show audition)


March 12, 2002: Duboce Playground, San Francisco, California (party and BBQ gig thrown by Eddie and Tommy's friends) May 1, 2002: Raoul Wallenberg High School, San Francisco, California (school assembly performance) August 2, 2002: Eddie's House, San Francisco, California Auugst 13, 2002: Joey's House, San Francisco, California October 17, 2002: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California (Battle of the Bands performance. Lew's band only played for 15 minutes, some of this show was bootlegged through a friend sneaking in a tape recorder) November 3, 2002: Jefferson High School, Daly City, California November 8, 2002: Patrick's House, San Francisco, California (Lew threw a small house party, and allowed a small group of friends to watch the musical performance)


May 20, 2003: Union Square, San Francisco, California May 28, 2003: Union Square, San Francisco, California June 5, 2003: Patrick's House, San Francisco, California June 17, 2003: Pier 39, San Francisco, California August 6, 2003: Eddie's House, San Francisco, California September 18, 2003: Union Square, San Francisco, California


Featuring Asuka "Mayumi" Nagase as a live bass player. May 4, 2004: Japantown, San Francisco, California May 5, 2004: Powell BART Station, San Francisco, California (band also handed out duplicated copies of their first album "Psychotic Love" and Soundclick flyers at this busking performance) May 7, 2004: Raoul Wallenberg High School, San Francisco, California (audition for Lew's minor acting role for a school play titled "Picking" with Eddie, Tommy, and Mayumi as a backup band cameo) May 8, 2004: Chinatown YMCA, San Francisco, California (supposed to be the day of Patrick's senior prom, but instead insisted a small performance with his band locally) May 11, 2004: Raoul Wallenberg High School, San Francisco, California May 17, 2004: SF Patients Cooperative Center, San Francisco, California May 23, 2004: Walnut Creek National Park, Walnut Creek, California (field trip for Lew's graduation picnic. Lew performed briefly with Tommy for their classmates. Eddie and Mayumi were absent on the day of this gig) May 24, 2004: Raoul Wallenberg High School, San Francisco, California (first of two appearances for the school play Picking as a musical cameo, concluded the next day) May 25, 2004: Raoul Wallenberg High School, San Francisco, California November 19, 2004: City College of San Francisco, California (Tommy and Mayumi's live appearance with the band) December 11, 2004: Diego Rivera Theater, San Francisco, California


February 13, 2005: Balboa High School, San Francisco, California (first live appearance of keyboardist Zack Huang. This is Eddie Blackburn's final performance as a full-time member of the band)


February 10, 2006: Skyline College, San Bruno, California (first live appearance of recurring drummer David Arceo) February 22, 2006: Skyline College, San Bruno, California March 1, 2006: Skyline College, San Bruno, California May 8, 2006: Vibo Music Studios, San Francisco, California (this performance was an electronic tape recital featured on the EP "Band of Asians Live")

Aside from everyday life. I have music in my mind.

Stomach hasn't feeling good for the past few hours. Lately aside from the personal happiness with woman Faith Marie and job hunting, I've been contemplating new music as of late.

Your best bet is a brand spanking new Heavy Sigma recording on my website, or more with my one-off side project with the Patrick and Greg Blues Band (P and G) in a truly rock and roll magical kind of way up in here. :)

Patrick Lew

This is gonna be tough. I am debating if I should delete my YouTube or not.

This might be a tough one for me to do. I might consider deleting my YouTube account. It's not because I want to. It's mostly because there's a lot of risky people looking at videos and posting on there. I come from a Philosophy as a musician where I keep it real and underground. It's also because, I am not much of a YouTuber and I do sense a lot of weird or risky people on there.

It's all up to me to decide for sure! I am still deliberating on it.

Dead rock star holograms. I think it's a great idea.

Why are some people online bitching about having a 2Pac or Elvis hologram to perform onstage is a bad idea? I don't think I will ever understand these negative people trolling online about that!

I really wanna see a hologram of John Lennon performing during a Paul McCartney concert. Or maybe even! A hologram of Kurt Cobain playing at Coachella 2013, although a lot of Nirvana fans might protest against that idea.

I give big props to whomever made the 2Pac hologram, because now we can have our dead rock stars digitally brought back to life in concert! Most def. :)

These dead rock star holograms look super real.

If I were a dead rock star, I would 100% give permission for the music industry to use a hologram of me performing the local Bay Area clubs or even recording new music to publish everywhere. Considering hologram technology by then, whether it be 2050 or whatever, can mimic humans and do human things like making music perhaps.

A song at a time. An album later. Freelancing for the win.

Good morrow my fans and friends all across the universe. How's everyone doing tonight?

I noticed the pace of myself putting out a new demo or home-recorded album every year or two has sort of winded down. I'm really protective and cautious about the creativity of any product I put out with Heavy Sigma. Which is probably one of the reasons WHY the Patrick Lew Band went on an indefinite hiatus in March. I also realized, the value of the CD and any other format for an album filled with 10, 11, 12, or 13 tracks or pieces of music on record has became obsolete as of late or maybe it's just I'm very picky on what I want as a really good product for an album. I am one of those artists whose been inspired by bands like Beatles and Led Zeppelin where the value and creativity of an album rather than just a collection of filler songs mattered most to me as a musician when recording new music.

I'm stuck in a time currently, where I have to give it my best still but have to be extra cautious and conscientious about what kind of pieces of music on record I put on an album nowadays. I'm slowing my pace down with age, but that doesn't mean I won't release a new album ever again! It is just that I have to go through the creative process in the mobile recording studio like any other band or artist does, and whittle down what I think should be on my album and weed through the best and strongest material to be on my record most def. Lately, the recording process for me has been sporadic, and my creative mojo has been more and more ON CALL or part-time nowadays. It could be my age. It could be lack of creativity and fears of creative stagnation. It could my stubborn nature with how I want my albums to be. Or it could be a mix of all three.

My approach nowadays as an artist and one-man rock band is to record a new piece of music or song in my bedroom, and post everything one at a time before I go on some social-media website like Facebook and spill the beans that a new album has been decided and ready to be posted online as a digital download. My creative and publishing process is to deliver a new song or piece of music via mp3 file one at a time, before I go HEY! I am gonna decide to put out an album and have the right sh*** to go along with it. I kind of borrowed this method of musical entrepreneurship from Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins or Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. It's just the nature of being a pure artist and musician who values his or her music, and has a critical thinking to get myself out there with the technology and tools I have.

For now, Heavy Sigma is my main thing. David H. and Greg are in the Patrick Lew Band preparing stuff, but I'm very uncertain what's gonna happen in PLB Army in the long run. It's still a band, but on an indefinite hibernation at this point. Maybe, me, Greg, and DH can make a band but call it a different name and have different ways of doing the music and getting it out there. I've been freelancing with a good friend named Rob Silver and thinking of doing a Jazz/Funk busking band locally with him one of these days. Time will tell what will happen for sure.

But Heavy Sigma is my thang at the moment. The freelancing with other musicians locally or online is secondary, but I love it. Regardless.

Enjoy the music peeps.


Haters Gonna Hate

I used to get a lot of shit as a musician. But I never gave up or quit. No way, I just kept on going and going like Mick Jagger would and didn't give a fuck what people thought about the music I make. My fans/friends are top priority, not the critics.

Slacking on YouTube...

I always was a music guy. Seems like I am not so much of an active YouTuber, considering most of my creativity is posted on indie music websites which is where my bread and butter comes in. I have a YouTube though, somehow I don't update it or mess around with it as much. :/

RIP to me and Faith's son David Steven Lew.

RIP to me and Faith's first child together. Our son David Steven Lew (Feb 25, 2011-Feb 26, 2011). I wish things went out differently for the family, and it was a lengthy healing process for myself, Faith, and everybody. When me and Faith have another child again soon or in the long run, it will be awesome to be a father for the first time and hopefully people will understand and not intervene.